COVIDSafe Hall Hiring

Government COVID-19 restrictions in NSW, ACT & NT vary from State to Territory. Areas where halls are allowed to open and operate, COVIDsafe rules must be adhered to.

Should you have enquiries please contact your Unit Leaders or our Properties Department on 02 8396 5200 or via email to enquire.

QR Codes &  Check-ins
The Service NSW app is mandatory for check-ins in NSW from 01 January 2021. Check-ins are mandatory for ACT too, with the CBR app recommended for use. The NT encourages checking-in via the The Territory Check In app.

To obtain a Service NSW QR Code for your Guiding Venue in NSW, please forward your COVID-19 Safety plan via email to  [email protected]. Guide House will then set up the Service NSW QR Code for you. 

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