Face-to-Face Guiding: Return to Outdoors Adventures

30 June 2020

Some good news for anyone who is keen to get back outdoors and start adventuring. ROACs (Region Outdoor Activity Consultant) has all the information you will need to make sure the agreed protocol is followed; which, to be COVIDSafe, is more rigorous than our standard procedure.

At this stage there is no approval for any activity that has an overnight component. Thanks for your understanding and patience as Girl Guides NSW, ACT & NT continues to consider government restrictions and how they affect Guiding. 

Guides are now able to use a commercial supplier for adventure based activities but these providers but MUST have COVID-19 protocols in place AND Girl Guides NSW, ACT & NT COVID-19 requirements  must be met as well. This may include a limit to the number of participants. Risk assessments which are completed together with the OUT01, are to include a risk around COVID-19. ROACs will be the point of contact to make sure Leaders and Managers have all the information in order to conduct these activities.  

Provided the appropriate state/territory requirements are met, including participant numbers and physical distancing, and Girl Guides NSW, ACT & NT COVID-19 requirements are met, outdoor activities such as hikes, may take place. The LiC (Leader in Charge) is to include COVID-19 risk in her risk assessment and advise her District Manager.  

An example has been included below. Please note that this an example only, and that there will be other risks that you will be responsible for managing.

 Risk  Action
 Catching COVID-19  All members must follow protocols and instructions issued by XXX.
 All members must use hand sanitiser before and after the activity
 No member who is unwell will be able to attend
 Members will bring their own water bottle and will not share.
 Members may wear a mask if they wish.

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