Wearing Face Masks at Guide Meetings

16 February 2021

From Friday, 12 February 2021, in NSW there were several changes to COVID-19 rules that came into effect. Some of these changes were to the requirements of wearing a face mask. 

At this time in NSW it is only mandatory to wear face masks on public transport and at public transport waiting areas. In ACT, NT and NSW it is mandatory to wear a face mask at airports and on commercial domestic flights. 

Should you be indoors and physical distancing is not possible, it is recommended that face masks be worn. Children aged 12 and under are exempt but are encouraged to wear masks where practicable. 

For more information please refer to your State or Territory's Government Website:

NSW COVID-19 + Face Masks    ACT COVID-19 + Face Masks   NT COVID-19 + Face Masks

Please keep in mind that COVID-19 restrictions and the rules surrounding the use of face masks are ever changing. We recommend that you continue to the information available online via Government websites.


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