National Volunteer Week

We recently celebrated National Volunteer week and put a call out to our members to acknowledge our volunteers and the response was fantastic! We received acknowledgements for 180 individuals, 30 teams, 30 lifetime contributions, 13 young volunteers, 10 parents, 13 senior volunteers and 7 for inclusivity. We shared some of the feedback on our social media channels during volunteer week. Thanks to everyone who nominated!

Congratulations to West Bexley District Team (pictured) who received multiple nominations! They had so many wonderful compliments, we decided to write this article. 

“We have been with West Bexley Guides for over 5 years. This team always work really hard but especially during Covid 19, they have been amazing. They stepped up straight away, planning, zooming, making care packs. Their hard work has had an amazing impact on my daughters sense of well being and mental health. As an only child, Covid 19 has been very isolating but her family of guide sisters have pulled off some incredible online sessions. Ensuring my little guide feels connected, valued and loved. SOOOO nurturing and caring and amazing examples of positive proactive women in our society, the best role models my daughter could have. ” - Anonymous

“I can't thank her (Zoe) and our Guide Leaders enough for their true commitment and dedication to all members of our family.” – Annette Motto 

“I have three girls who are in Junior Guides, Guides and Senior Guides. Each week they have been participating in Zoom meetings to complete activities, provide service to their community and complete badges. The Leaders have been amazing as they have put together packs for all members of my family to join in each week. They drove to each girls house to deliver these prepared packs all labeled and ready with resources for the Term. They also continued throughout the holidays.  This has kept a routine going and connection with their unit and outside world. The fun activities like Anzac Day Remembrance, Bingo, Mother’s Day etc and regular zoom meetings have really helped all our family.” – Annette Motto 

“I believe the whole community benefits from the positive female role models from West Bexley Girl Guides.” – Anonymous


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