What Girls Gain from the Girl Guides Experience

A recent study into the social impact of the Girl Guides experience for its members revealed that at Girl Guides, we make well rounded women. 

At Girl Guides we aim to bring fun, friendship, and adventure to the lives of every girl. Through our program we contribute to the wellbeing of our members by placing them in the best possible position to discover their potential as leaders of their world. 


Girl Guides Increases Resilience

Girl Guides increases the resilience of its young members, putting them in good standing for their young adult years where resilience is a key indicator of high levels of wellbeing. The shift in wellbeing for youth members is +11%, and for teenage Guides by over 45%. Girl Guides improves resilience across a number of areas including adaptability, determination, coping with difficulties, problem solving and emotional regulation.

Girl Guides Gives Girls Opportunities

For youth members it's also about opportunities to enjoy life. Having fun and being able to go on physical adventures are strongly correlated to higher wellbeing in everyone. For Girl Guides, positive self-development increases by 12% overall. These indicators are very positive for Girl Guides.

Girl Guides Gives Adults Opportunity Too

For young adult members and volunteers the key indicators show positive shifts in leadership and being active global citizens.

Girl Guides Unlocks Leadership Potential

In relation to leadership, involvement with Girl Guides provides its members with the confidence and skills to lead both within the Girl Guide community and in their lives beyond that community, particularly at work, this indicator shows a positive shift of +39%.

Girl Guides Empowers Girls and Young Women to Be Leaders of Their World

In terms of being an active global citizen, Girl Guides teaches young women (from teenage years upwards) to form their own point of view on current affairs and issues in the world, and increases their sense of purpose and connection to the world beyond themselves as individuals. They not only feel a connection, but they have the mindset and the life skills to actually make a difference.


Girl Guides Creates Resilient, Passionate, Independent Thinkers

The data collected in our study tells the story that Guides are well rounded women and that the Girl Guides experience prepares them to become resilient, passionate, independent thinkers who want to, and can, contribute back to the world they live in.


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