A Place to Grow Girl Guide Ambassador

Name: Amelie Allen 

Age: 17 

District:  Ginninderra District 

Length of time in Girl Guides:
 11 years (since August 2008) 

Occupation/School: Lake Ginninderra College, Year 12

Why did you join Girl Guides? 

I first joined Guides because one of my friends asked me. I also thought it would be a good opportunity to learn new things and make new friends outside of school.

What are three things you have learnt whilst being in Girl Guides   

  1. How to tie many different types of knots. 
  2. Leadership skills.
  3. How to put up a bell tent.
What life lesson/s do you feel you have learnt from Girl Guides? 

That everyone has different interests and it is ok to learn about other people’s interests even though they aren’t yours.

What have been your favourite activities in Girl Guides?  

Unchef nights – fun game type nights with my Unit. The nights are a tongue-in-cheek cooking night based on Masterchef. It’s very creative – we run it like the reality show. We write a script full of dad jokes, choose weird ingredients, have a theme, come up with recipes, work in teams and eat usually really yummy and fun looking meals.

Appearing on TV when our Unit took part in the Guinness Book of Records’ stargazing night at the Australian National University was definitely a great highlight.

I also enjoyed representing Guides at the Governor General’s House.

I’ve loved going on lots of different camps. As a Senior Guide and Junior Leader I now get to help run things at the camps.

What characteristics of yourself have you developed that you attribute to your time with the Girl Guides? 

Social awareness, empathy, learning how to interact with others and knowing if someone is uncomfortable and upset.
In five years’, what will you remember most about your time with Girl Guides? 

The friendships.

Some people may feel that Girl Guides is not relevant to young people growing up with a digital life. What would you say to that? 

I’d say it’s more relevant – it teaches life skills. It also allows girls to escape from online pressures; giving them safe space to be away from people that they may see at school or other places.
If we could put you in front of Australia, what would you like them to know about Girl Guides? 

Guides isn’t just for young girls, it’s for women of all ages. Guides changes and adapts with girls as they mature, and doesn’t just stay the same. The meaning for the individual changes over time.
What do you feel is the role of Girl Guides in society today? 

It gives girls a safe space to be themselves and be accepted by others who are there for similar reasons.

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