Timings below are NSW & ACT time. Northern Territory attendees will be 30min earlier.
Please note the programming is approximate and times may change slightly on the day of the event.

Time                                         Description                                                                        
Dial into the online event.

Welcome & Acknowledgement of Country.

Immersive & educational experience with some special guest appearances from Taronga Zoo animals followed by a live Q&A with the Taronga Zoo Keepers.

Break for picnic lunch. Switch over to the secondary online event in Zoom.

Welcome from Shaylah McClymont, Deputy State Commissioner.

Taronga Zoo Keepers give an update, what has been happening at the Zoo.
Fundraising winners are announced.

Quick break. Make sure to stretch and step away from your screen. 

Wildlife Quest taking you all over the world.

Quick break. Make sure to stretch and step away from your screen. 

Kahoot Trivia. Here is a hint: Taronga Zoo and animals you can find at the zoo.

Wrap Up & Thank you for attending, but we are not finished yet!

Quick break. Make sure to stretch and step away from your screen. 

Dance Party for youth and adults, optional.

Adult Networking, optional.

Say Goodbye, Event Ends


Kit List

What you need 

  • Electronic Device with camera and microphone capability.
  • Strong internet connection.
  • Lunch.
  • Snacks.
  • Water or favourite drink. 
  • For younger girls, adult assistance may be needed.
  • Separate electronic device for Kahoot. 

What to wear

  • Members are to wear Girl Guide uniform, polo shirt.

  • We would love to see everyone in some sort of animal print.
            Some Ideas:
             - It could be something that you make at home.
             - Hat
             - Glasses
             - Scarf
             - Jacket
             - Scrunchie
             Anything else you can find.


Ticket Details

Member Ticket

The Member Ticket is available for all Girl Guide NSW, ACT & NT Members.

Members are able to attend the event for free!!

Important Note - You must register online to participate in the event. Only those who register for the event will receive an event badge.
Do not share the online event link with others.

Bring a Friend Ticket

Girl Guide youth members are encouraged to bring a friend to the event to show how much fun Girl Guides have!

Bring a friends are to be between the ages of 5-17 years at the time of the event.

When you register for the event, you will follow the steps to create a temporary Girl Guide profile. After having so much fun at the event, you can choose to attend a free trail at a Guide Unit and then become a Girl Guide Member.

If you choose to become a Girl Guide Member with 1 month of the event, you will get $15 off you Membership price.

Begin your registration firstly by creating a profile from this link.
Temporary Member Profile 

Guides Go Wild 2021

Guides Go Wild is an all age, bring a friend, single day fundraising event online with guest appearances from Sydney Taronga Zoo.
This event will be replacing the Great Guide Sleepover for 2021.

Get ready for an eventful day of Taronga Zoo Keeper Talks, guest appearances from animals at Taronga Zoo, a world wide Scavenger Hunt and a fun, fast paced game of animal based Trivia.

We will also support Taronga Zoo by fundraising for a great Australian icon, the Koala.

Fundraise as a Unit or individually to raise much needed funds for our cute, furry friends. Not only will you be supporting the future for Koalas, you will also go into the running to receive some wild prizes!

Check out the Fundraising section of this page to learn more. Amounts for prize consideration must be received through Grassrootz by 5pm 23 August 2021.


Sunday 29 August, 2021 




All Girl Guide NSW, ACT & NT Members & Friends
- Pre-Junior
- Junior Guides
- Guides
- Senior Guides
- Unit Leaders
- District Managers
- Region Managers
- Trefoil Members
- Bring a Friends 5-17 years old


Youth Tickets - Free
Adult Tickets - Free
Bring a Friend Tickets - $15

Ticket Inclusions

Event Badge
Live and immersive Taronga Zoo Keeper education talks  
Live interaction in Taronga Zoo animal enclosures
Fun Girl Guide Activities for all ages

Fundraising is now closed! Thank you to all the fundraisers and donators.

This year all funds raised will go towards our Australian animal icon, the Koala. 

Koalas are loved by all. Cute and cuddly looking, they're recognised around the world as being a unique Australian icon. Sadly these cute and endearing animals are facing the treat of extinction. In fact, in some areas of NSW the koala is locally extinct!

Koala numbers have been steadily decreasing for years and unfortunately with the recent catastrophic bushfires and ongoing drought, they're now in dire need of your help.

Check out the amazing fundraising prizes on offer!


Everyone that raises over:
  • $50 will receive a cute Koala plush toy.
  • $100 will receive a Koala plush & Girl Guides Centenary Merch Pack.
  • $150 will receive Koala plush toy, Girl Guides Centenary Merch Pack & 2 tickets to Taronga Zoo.
  • $1000 will get a Family pass to Taronga Zoo/Taronga Western Plains Zoo and an animal encounter.

Top fundraising Unit will receive a VIP Behind-the-Scenes Animal Experience for up to 10+ people.

Top individual fundraiser (minimum $650+ raised) VIP Behind the Scenes Animal Experience for 4 people at Taronga Zoo (2 adults and 2 children).

Fundraising Info Continued.

Getting Started

Once you have registered for Guides Go Wild, simply set up your fundraising page by clicking the link below. Fundraising is really easy. You can do everything online. Grassrootz is mobile friendly and convenient to use from your phone, iPad, or tablet.
  1. Download our Grassrootz how-to
  2. Sign up for Grassrootz and create your fundraising page.
  3. Click the blue Join Us tab and sign up under your Girl Guides Unit by selecting Join a Team. Personalize your campaign page and then you are ready to start fundraising as an individual or as a Unit.
We’re here to make your fundraising a success. If you need help, please contact the Member and Supporter Engagement Team by email or phone 02 8396 5200 and select 2.

Fundraising Focus

Funds raised from Guides Go Wild go to support Taronga Conservation Society. Taronga cares for 4,000 animals from over 350 species, many of which are threatened. This year the Koala was selected as our focus for all donations.
Our goal is also to help raise awareness and funds for Girl Guides NSW, ACT & NT & Taronga Zoo. If you or your donors would like to make an additional donation to Girl Guides you are able to do this through the Grassrootz campaign page as well.
Taronga is offering the below prizes for top fundraisers this year.

For Individuals:
  • Plush koala toy for any girl raising over $50
  • Family pass to Taronga Zoo/Taronga Western Plains Zoo and an animal encounter for any girl that raises over $1000
  • A VIP Behind-the-Scenes Animal Experience for 4 people at Taronga Zoo for the top individual fundraiser (minimum $650+ raised)
For Units:
  • A VIP Behind-the-Scenes Animal Experience for up to 10+ people for the top performing Unit
Fundraising Prize Deadline:
  • To be eligible for all fundraising prizes fundraising must be submitted via Grassrootz by Monday August 23 at 5pm.

Fundraising tips

Fundraising doesn’t have to be difficult. So follow these ten simple tips for success, and feel free to reach out to us at any time so we can help with your fundraising journey.
  1. Start your fundraising early.
  2. Once you create your Grassrootz fundraising page, share it. Keep your supporters engaged by regularly posting pictures and updates on your activities.
  3. Update your email signature and social media bio’s to include information about Girl Guides and your fundraising campaign.
  4. You can use social media* to help your campaign and also provide more information about your fundraising focus. Download social media badges and graphics under the resources section.
  5. Ask your family, friends, teachers, and neighbours for their support. Share your fundraising page, let them know what you are fundraising for and keep them updated on how you are progressing to reach your goal.
  6. Draw up a list of your potential donors and approach them for their support (consider businesses in your committee or work colleagues).
  7. Always ensure you are with a friend or responsible adult at all times.
  8. Work in your Unit as a fundraising team. Teams are truly a great way to get others involved, have fun, and access a wider pool of resources and networks.
  9. Make a donation yourself to set the expectation. If you have a special occasion such as a birthday, anniversary or christening, ask your friends to donate to your fundraiser instead of buying a gift.
  10. Be cheerful, courteous and don’t forget to say thank you. Thank your supporters in person, via email or with a card and let them know how much you raised.
  11. Have Fun!
*  Ask your parents to share your link on their social media accounts. If you’re old enough and have permission you may use your own account too.

Fundraising FAQs

  1. Is fundraising required this year for everyone?
    No, fundraising is optional but highly encouraged. There are prizes available for both top fundraising individuals and Units.
  2. What are the fundraising goals this year?
    Our overall goal is $10,000 to support the koalas at Taronga Conservation Society. For individuals the first goal is $50 with additional prizes on offer from Taronga Zoo for higher goals. For Units the fundraising goal is $1000. All attendees are encouraged to fundraise a minimum of $10.
  3. What are the fundraising prizes offered by Taronga?
    • Plush Koala toy for any girl to raise over $50
    • Plush Koala & 2 Taronga Zoo ticket over $150
    • Family pass to Taronga/Taronga Western Plains Zoo and an animal encounter for any girl that raises over $1000
    • A VIP Behind-the-Scenes Animal Experience for up to 10+ people for the top performing Unit
    • A VIP Behind-the-Scenes Animal Experience for 4 people at Taronga Zoo (2 adults and 2 children) for the top individual fundraiser (minimum $650+ raised)
  4. Who can help fundraise for the Koalas?
    Guides, Leaders, and Parent Helpers are all able to create a fundraising page. Just sign up under your Unit, create your page and fundraise away!
  5. Can we receive cheque donations? 
    No, all donations are to be collected through Grassrootz.
  6. Can additional donations to Girl Guides NSW, ACT & NT be made?
    Yes, you are able to donate directly to Girl Guides NSW, ACT & NT through the main page of Grassrootz by using the link in the About Girl Guides NSW, ACT & NT section.
  7. How does fundraising work?
    • Collection of funds is done online through Grassrootz.
  8. How much money do I have to raise if I have purchased a Ticket?
    The minimum encouraged fundraising amount is $50 and you will receive a Koala plush toy. 
  9. When do I need to return my fundraising money to Girl Guides NSW, ACT & NT?
    Leaders are responsible for ensuring that Guides who are fundraising have submitted their funds through the online portal. 
    All fundraising for prizes must be submitted by August 23 at 5pm. 
    The online fundraising portal will remain open through the event however to be eligible for prizes all monies must be in by the above date.


There are resources, below, to help you with your fundraising. Coming soon.
Download Fundraising Pack Here!

Grassrootz Step by Step for additional assistance setting up your Grassrootz page download this step by step guide.

Flyers. Use this flyer to further promote the event and fundraising for the Koalas.

Fundraising Nametag.  Personalise this download and be sure to wear Guide uniform when fundraising door to door.  

Do’s & Don’ts for Charitable Fundraising

We’ve provided some great suggestions to help you fundraise for this unique Guiding event. But before you hit the ground running, please take time to read the following list of Do’s and Don’ts for Guides (otherwise known as the boring but ever so important legal bits)

  • Guides are to be adequately clothed in uniform and otherwise protected from extremes of climate or temperature.
  • At all times reasonably practical, participating Guides must be able to contact their parent/s during the fundraising activities.
  • Guides must be adequately supervised. Their supervisor must supervise no more than six Guides; be in close proximity and make contact with the Guides at intervals not greater than 30 minutes.
  • Guides must work with at least one other Guide raising funds for the Koalas.
  • There must be 12 hours between shifts.
  • Parents or Guardians should ensure that Guides receive appropriate and nutritious food.
  • Food should be available at reasonable hours and drinking water available at all times.
  • Toilet facilities (toilet, hand washing and hand drying facilities) must be accessible to each Guide participant.
  • *After the appeal is finished the Guide must be accompanied by their parent or an adult authorised by their parent/s to travel home.
  • *This requirement does not apply if the child is more than 12 years of age and the distance home is less than 10 kms and public transport is available, and the travel is in daylight hours.
  • Guides must not enter a private dwelling when soliciting door to door; and not solicit, sell to or collect from a person in a motor vehicle.
  • Guides must not fundraise for more than four (4) hours a day—three (3) hours if under 12 years of age.
  • Guides must not fundraise before 6am or sunrise (whichever is later) and not after 7pm or sunset (whichever is earlier).
  • A Guide is not to lift any weight that would be likely to cause injury.




Frequently Asked Questions

Tickets & General Information

How old must I be to attend the event?
All attendees must be 5 years old at the time of event.

If my membership is not current, can I still attend?
No, your membership must be current for you to attend this event and all your fees must be up to date. Your membership status will be checked before the event.

If you are a Bring a Friend, this does not apply to you.

What if I can no longer attend? Can I get a refund?
Refunds will only be offered until Monday 23 August to those who request by emailing [email protected]
Refunds after Monday 23 August will only be available with those with extenuating circumstances. 

If the event is booked to capacity, can I be put on a waiting list?
Absolutely.  If a spot becomes available we will contact those on the wait list beginning from those that entered onto the waiting list first.

I am a Leader/District or Region Manager and I can’t see my Guides when trying to register my Unit?
If you are having difficulty registering please use the below resources to assist.
How to register for an event
How to register a Unit
How to register a Non-Member Adult Helper
Please email the Events Team to assist with registration issues.


I am a Girl Guide Member, can I invite a friend?
Yes, you are encouraged to invite your siblings, cousins, friends between the age of 5-17 to participate in the event.

I am attending as a Bring a Friend, can I fundraise?
Absolutely, the more that is fundraised the more support the Koalas will receive. You will also be in the running for the amazing prizes on offer.


All you need to know before attending the event can be found on this page and from these downloads.

Download your Fundraising Pack  Wildlife Crisis Support Brochure 

Practice your dance moves for the dance party 

Activities to do in your free time

Terms & Conditions

  • Member attendees must be a minimum of 5 years old and be valid Member of Girl Guides NSW & ACT with membership up to date to attend this event.
  • Bring a Friends must be between the ages of 5-17 years old at the time of the event.
  • Following the registration cut-off date no refunds or name changes will be offered.

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