How to Register for Events and Courses

  1. Log onto Girl Guides with your own individual Username and Password
    • Do not create a new account if you already have a log on.
    • If you forget your Log on details or need help, please call the Girl Guide NSW & ACT Office on (02) 8396 5200 and they will be able to unlock your account.
  2. Select the What’s On tab
  3. Click on either Events List or Courses List
    • Depending on what you are registering for.
    • Scroll through the page and navigate through the drop-down arrows next to each month to find the Event and Course you are looking for.
  4. Once you have found the Event or Course you are looking for click on the Register link for that Event or Course.
    • You will be directed into the specific Event or Course page which will have all the information required.
  5. To register click on the blue Register Myself button.
    • This button will not be visible if the Event or Course is not yet open for registrations.
    • Your page will refresh to show the registration questions required to be answered by yourself for this Event or Course.
  6. First select the correct Registration Option for yourself
  7. Make sure you answer EVERY question and then select Save Responses
    • If you do not answer every question you will not be able to finalise registration at checkout.
    • Questions that have not been answered will be highlighted in red.
    • Dietary requirements, emergency contact information, and allergies, all need to be specified in your Member record in My GuideBook
  8. Once you have saved your responses, the same button will change to Update Responses
    • This will confirm that the registration details have been saved
    • It may take a moment for this to happen
      Note: Some events or courses will have program/itinerary items that will need to be completed to finalise your registration.
    • Click on the Add button and follow the instructions and/or questions in the program/itinerary section.
    • Make sure to click on Save Responses in this area to proceed.
  9. Scroll down the page and click on Proceed to Checkout.
    Your registration will not finalise if you do not proceed to checkout
  10. Once all information has been updated click on Proceed to Payment located at the bottom of the page.
    You will then be directed to your Shopping Cart.
  11. To finalise and pay for the Event or Course click on Proceed & Submit.
    • Even free events and courses need to complete the checkout process
    • Your page will refresh to an Order Confirmation.
    • Make sure you have enough funds on the card that you are using to pay for the Event or Course.
    • Enter either your Visa or Mastercard details.
  12. Once all your payment details are entered click Proceed and Submit
    • Give it a moment for payment to go through.
  13. If registration is successful you will then receive an order confirmation to your email address that we have on your file.
    • Do not delete this order confirmation.
    • If registration was not successful:
      • Make sure that you have enough funds on the card being used.
      • Make sure that all questions were answered.
      • Make sure that all personal information is up to date.
  14. After you have registered for an Event or Course you will receive more information once registrations have closed.
  15.  If you require assistance to register for an Event, please email the Events Team
  16. If you require assistance to register for a Course, please email the Courses Team 

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