Mini MOOT 2021

What is Mini MOOT?

Typically, MOOT is an biannual weekend long lightweight camp for Senior Guides and Olave Members. However due to the uncertain circumstances we find ourselves in at the moment, the Olave Committee have created a Mini MOOT!

Mini MOOT will be focusing on brining outside lightweight camping inside, and getting ready to take the inside lightweight camping outside once we are able to go camping again.


Information for Participants


Saturday 27 November 2021


4 - 6:30pm (NSW & ACT Time)
2:30 - 4pm (NT Time)


Online Event, you will receive the meeting link close to the day of event.


Senior Guides 14-17 years
Olave Program Members 
Adult Members 18-30 years


$0 Cost to attend



- Dial into zoom meeting for online attendees

- Welcome
- Acknowledgement of Country

- Tent Up Tent Down

- Hiking Bag Scavenger Hunt.

- How to pack your Hiking Bag.

- Drink making & short break.

- Panel Discussion, Queen's Guide Award, The Duke of Edinburgh International Award & Olave Baden Powell Award.

- Lightweight Cooking Demo.

- 2022 highlights.
- Challenge Winners announced.

- Networking over dinner.
– That's a wrap 

Activity Details Coming Soon

Tent Up Tent Down

Fun, physical activity to start the event off with some laughs. Have your tent ready and a large enough area inside or outside.

The aim of the activity is to be the fastest to put your tent up and down again. Have your camera turned on so you can see how others are setting their tent up.

If you do not have a tent available, you can be creative and used blankets and pillows.

Scavenger Hunt

Search high and low for your camping supplies you would normally pack in your hiking bag or on your camping trip.

Tip, check out the next activity for a list of items you will need.

How to pack your Hiking Bag 

Judy Hansen will be sharing her best hints and tips on how to pack your hiking bag effectively.

Download this Hiking Checklist for the items that you will need. 

Drink Break Demo

Have you ingredients and utensils ready to make the delicious Citrus Peach Cooler.

Panel Discussion

Have a notebook, pen and your Award questions ready to ask the panel.

Cooking Demo

Aimee Watkins is back for a quirky cooking demo.

  • 2 Minute Noodles
  • Vegetables - can be fresh or freeze-dried
  • Chicken Stock Cubes
  • Garlic Powder
  • Boiling Water

What you will need

General Supplies

  • Electronic device with camera and microphone capability.
  • Participants are to wear their Guide polo shirt during the online sessions and comfortable bottoms.
  • Notebook and Pen

Activity Supplies 

  • Tent (Smaller tent preferable. Also if you do not have a tent  you can use tarps and blankets, or, reach out to your Unit Leader and borrow the Unit's tent.)
  • Large enough area to set up tent either inside or backyard.
  • Hiking bag supplies.
  • Lightweight cooking ingredients and utensils. (Refer to the Recipes next door)

Recipe Ingredients 1 - Citrus Peach Cooler

  • 2 lemons.
  • 2 limes.
  • Can of Peach Nector.
  • Bottle of Cloudy Lemonade.
  • Punnet of Strawberries.
  • Bottle of Sparkling Water.
  • Mint Sprigs, optional.

Recipe Ingredients 2 - Cooking with Aimee

  • 2 Minute Noodles
  • Vegetables - can be fresh or freeze-dried
  • Chicken Stock Cubes
  • Garlic Powder
  • Boiling Water

Pre-Event Challenges


Lightweight camping is always better when you have a delicious lightweight recipe to look forward to cooking.

Upload your favourite lightweight cooking recipe to this Padlet Board. There are already some mouth watering recipes submitted. 

Also go ahead and like the recipes submitted. The most liked recipe will receive a prize!

Upload Lightweight Cooking Recipe Here


Have you discovered a hidden gem in your local area during the lock down? Have you walked or hiked an amazing trail recently? Have you visited a heritage area and taken a picture?

We would love to see it!

Upload your picture with a short description where it was taken to the Mini Moot Facebook page. Also make sure to like others uploaded photos. There will be a prize up for grabs for the most picture uploaded.

Upload images to the Mini Moot
Facebook Event Page 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who can attend Mini MOOT? 
A. All Senior Guides, Olave Members and Adult Members aged 18 – 30 years are able to attend the online Mini MOOT.

Q. What is included in the ticket cost? 
A. Digital resources including, handy tips and tricks to get ready for your next adventurous activity.

Q. How can I attend this event?  
A. Register via the event page on the website and you will receive a link to the online event closer to the date. Click on the link to join the online event and have fun with your Sisters in Guiding.

Q. As a Senior Guide, does my Unit Leader need to attend?  
A. No, you can attend this event individually.  
Q. What do I need to do before I attend this event? 
1. Register online through Girl Guides NSW, ACT & NT website event page  
2. Complete the Pre-Event Challenge 
3. Have your all your items ready listed under 'What You Will Need'
4. Prepare your setup: 
- Choose a private area that is quite with no distractions. 
- Ensure you have strong internet connection. 
- Make sure you have an electronic device with a camera and microphone to be able to interact during the online event. 
- Get comfortable and enjoy the event!

Q. What do I need to bring to this event? 
A. Refer to the above 'What You Will Need' section.

Q. When is the last day to register for this event? 
A. 5pm Monday 22 November. 


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