Regatta is a long-standing event for 14–30 year old’s. We missed out by holding this event in person by one week however that has not stopped us planning a virtual event.

There will be pre-event challenges, costume making, raft building, cooking, campfire and more. I bet you are thinking how can we fit all this into an online event, well register to find out!!


24 October
The event begins at 1pm and continues until 6:30pm on Saturday.




Guides (13+)
Senior Guides
Junior Leaders
Olave Program Members
Adult Members
Bring a Friends (13-30 years old)

Register Online


Pre-event Challenges

The challenge is designed for Units attending Regatta to have a little fun before the event. Prizes will be awarded for the challenge, but points will not be added to competition point scores. 

Remember these need to be completed before the online event. Can be done as a Unit or Individually!



Lightweight Cooking Recipe Challenge

Are you a lightweight cooking Chef? Do you have recipes that could make others camping experiences so much better?
Share your tips, tricks and recipes for others to use. All recipes will be combined to make a unique Regatta Cook Book.
Submission due midnight Thursday 22 Oct

 Upload Recipe Here

Outdoor Game Challenge

Spending time outside can be fun but it can be better if you have an awesome game to play. Create a Regatta/water inspired game or show us a game that you play with your friends in the water. 
Submission due midnight Thursday 22 Oct

Find Out More

Dance Competition

There is officially a Regatta dance.....WHAT!!
Recreate the Regatta dance by yourself or with you Unit. Practice the routine, dress up, pick a cool location and record your dance, upload to Padlet. Remember to include your Name and your Unit Name when you upload.
Submission due midnight Thursday 22 Oct

Learn the Dance Here

Upload Dance Here

Campfire Song Request

Regatta isn't Regatta without a campfire. Request your favourite campfire song to play during the online Regatta event.
Submission due 5pm Monday 19 Oct

Request Here

Out of this World Hat & Facemask

One of the favourite things at Regatta is seeing the creative and amazing costumes everyone comes up with. For our virtual regatta we will be continuing this fun tradition. We want you to create a hat and or facemask in the 2020 Regatta theme, Out of this World, and wear it to virtual Regatta.
Submission due 5pm Friday 23 Oct

Instructions Here

Event Schedule

1pm - Region Activity (45mins)

Virtual Event
2pm - Opening Ceremony 
2:20pm - Hat and Facemask Costume Contest 
2:40pm - Build Something Boating Related Challenge 
3:10pm - Break (10mins)
3:20pm - Regatta Dance
3:35pm - Raft Building Contest 
4:15pm - Awards Ceremony
4:45pm - Break (15mins)
5pm - Cooking Demonstration
5:30pm - Kahoot Regatta Trivia
5:45pm - Break (5mins)
5:50pm - Campfire
6:20pm - Closing Ceremony

Post Event
6:45pm - Senior Guide & Olave Networking

Tips and Tools

Virtual Overnight Camp

Download Here

Kit List
Download Here

Bring a Friends 

Invite your non-member friends to join you as this event is open to Bring a Friends! 

What's a Bring a Friend? Someone who is not already a Girl Guide Member. Bring a Friends will get all the benefits of Girl Guides plus the opportunity to experience Guiding at this fun, virtual activity. 

Bring a Friends are charged $10 to attend and receive $10 off their membership when they join after the event.

Click here to learn more about becoming a Girl Guide Member. 

Use these tools to tell your non-Guiding Friends about the event 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who can attend Regatta?
A. Senior Guides, Junior Leaders, Olaves, Adult Members and now Bring a Friends. As Regatta is a linking event for Guides to transition into Senior Guides, any Girl Guide NSW, ACT & NT Member or female friend over the age of 13 years old can attend.

Q. Can I attend Regatta alone?
A. Yes, but it is always more fun to have a friend come along too.

Q. Does my Unit Leader need to attend?
A. No, you can attend alone but if you are joining into the event from your Guide Hall have your Unit Leader attend too.

Q. Is there a limit to how many people can attend from 1 Unit? 
A. No way, the more people you have from your Unit the more fun you will have. 
Q. What do I need to do before I attend Regatta?
A. 1. Register online through Regatta website page
2. Work on your Pre-Regatta Challenge (optional)
3. Attend event

Q. What do I need to attend Regatta?
A. Check out the full kit list under resources.

Q. When is the last day to register for Regatta?
A. The last day to register is Monday 19 October however do not leave it too late.

Q. What platform will the online event run through?
A. Zoom. You can download Zoom beforehand or just use the link that will be sent to you in the event confirmation.

Terms & Conditions

  • Attendees must be a minimum of 13 years old in a Guide Unit and be valid Member of Girl Guides NSW, ACT & NT to attend this event.
  • All Adult Members must be part of a Unit to attend. Parents, Adult Helpers and Unit Helpers are welcome to attend with a girl or a Unit. If you are inviting adult non-members (females only) to bring with your Guides please register them by purchasing an Adult Ticket.
  • Membership must be current for all participants to be registered and to attend this event and will be checked.
  • Following the registration cut-off date no refunds or name changes will be offered unless an extenuating circumstance.


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