Blast off Regatta 2021

Regatta is a long-standing event for 14–30 year old’s. While it is still loaded with tradition it is a popular and fun weekend, with girls coming back year after year.

There are informal boating competitions held on the Saturday and Sunday mornings, some exciting land activities on Saturday afternoon, activities into the evening and so much fun, friendship and adventure!

Information for Participants


12 - 14 March 2021


Sydney Lakeside Holiday Park
38 Lake Park Road North Narrabeen NSW 2101


Senior Guides, Junior Leaders, Olave Program Members, Adult Members.
Guides (13+) can also join in for a linked event.

Getting There

From the south
  • Follow the M1 motorway north and exit onto Willoughby Road
  • Turn right onto Penhurst Road, then right again onto Warringah Road
  • Exit Warringah Road onto Wakehurst Parkway which will merge into Pittwater Road
  • Turn right onto Lake Park Road and follow onto Main Street where the front entrance to the Holiday Park is located
From the North
  • Follow the M1 motorway south and take the A1 Pacific Highway exit
  • Turn left onto Telegraph Road and at the end of the road turn left onto Mona Vale Road
  • Turn right onto Powderworks Road and at the end turn right onto Garden Street
  • Turn left onto Pittwater Road
  • Turn right onto Lake Park Road and follow onto Main Street where the front entrance to the Holiday Park is located.

The Park

The Park is a public holiday park and there will be other holiday makers camping during the weekend. Please be mindful of your noise level and all noise is to cease at 10:30pm as outlined in the holiday park rules. Also make sure to keep your area neat and tidy, there are plenty of bins through out the park.
Camp sites are flat, grassy and have power connected.
Fresh drinking water is available on sites.
A shelter/shade to erect by the waterside would also be appreciated if your unit has access to this equipment.

There is an amenity block close to the campsites with flushing toilets and hot showers. You will be given the access code to the amenity block once you arrive


If you are staying overnight, car parking will be made available at the campsites however there are limited spaces so please carpool where you can. You will be directed where to park once you arrive. When you arrive you will greeted at the park boom gate and given a ticket to fill in and keep on the dash of your car.
If you are being dropped off, the car will be greeted at the park boom gate and allowed access. Driver is to follow the signposted route to the administration area. Once you have unloaded your gear, the car is to leave the park immediately.
The closest bus stop to the park is Narrabeen Park Pde opp North Narrabeen Rockpool.
From the bus turn left and follow the footpath, turn right before the bridge and enter the holiday park. Follow the public footpath until you reach the administration area.

Register Online

What to Bring


  • Camping gear
  • Mess kit
  • Camp uniform (clothes for both getting wet and keeping dry and warm)
  • Dry shoes
  • Shoes for boating, warm
  • Wet weather gear
  • Swimmers
  • Towel, day pack
  • Drink bottle
  • Toiletries
  • Hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Torch
  • Insect repellent
  • Theme outfit (if you choose)
  • ADM.27 or 28 to give to your Unit Leader
  • Food for all meals (except Saturday dinner)
  • Any trophies from previous Regattas


Participants are encouraged to dress to the theme BLAST OFF REGATTA at Opening Parade and on Saturday night, but this is not compulsory. At all other times informal camp/unit uniform should be worn. T-shirts, shoes and a life jacket must be worn while on the water. Gumboots and crocs are not suitable shoes for boating and you will not be allowed in the water without shoes.


All participants must upload a completed ADM.27 for Senior Guides or ADM.28 if you are over 18 years of age to the Regatta Dropbox before Friday 5 March. Use naming convention - ADM# First Name Last Name e.g. ADM28 Gigi Guide.
A copy will also need to be handed to you Unit Leader (or Olave peer group contact person).

Each team is to bring a completed copy of the Race Registration Form to registration when they check in at the event. The Race Registration Form can be found under the heading Downloads on this page.

Pre-Regatta Challenge

The challenge is designed for Units attending Regatta to have a little fun before the event. Prizes will be awarded for the challenge, but points will not be added to competition point scores.
Note: To complete the Pre-Regatta Challenge you will need to complete both challenges.


Build an Out of this World Creature and create its own biography.
Part 1
  • Your Creature can be as big or small as you like (just remember you need to be able to bring your creature to Regatta)
  • We encourage you to use recycled materials or materials that can be used again to build your creature
Part 2
  • As your creature is an intruder from out of this world, we need to know all its details. Answer all the questions below and go in-depth as much as possible, we want to know everything!
    • Creatures Name and age
    • What personality and habits does your creature have
    • What planet does your creature come from and tell us more about its home
    • Any other information we should know about your creature
  • Write your bio and hand it in with your creature when you register at the Regatta. Do not forget to write your Unit name on your creatures bio.


Get your Regatta Unit together and take a picture of your Unit and your creature doing something OUT OF THIS WORLD!
You can submit your picture by either:
  • Posting your picture on to the Regatta social media account via #GGRegatta.
    Remember to write your Units name on your post.
  • Handing in your picture to the registration desk when you arrive at Regatta by either:
    • Printing your picture and write your Units name on the back.
    • Loading your picture onto a USB stick and include your Units name on it.

Pre-Regatta Challenge

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who can attend Regatta?
A. Senior Guides, Junior Leaders, Olaves and Adult Members. As Regatta is a linking event for Guides to transition into Senior Guides, any Girl Guide NSW, ACT & NT Member over the age of 13 years old can attend.

Q. Can I attend Regatta alone?
A. No, you must attend Regatta with your Unit or Peer Group. If you find you are the only one from your Unit who wants to attend please contact your Unit Leader and District Manager to arrange a buddy up. If you aren’t sure who from your Region is attending please email the Events Team and we can connect you with other Units coming to the event.

Q. Does my Unit Leader need to attend?
A. Absolutely. Before you register online please check with your Unit Leader first to make sure they are attending. If you’re Unit Leader isn’t able to attend she is welcome to have another Unit Leader bring her Unit. Please ensure you have correct adult to youth ratios.

Q. Can I buy 1 day tickets to attend Regatta?
A. All the fun is spread across 3 days. You will need to purchase the full price ticket and attend the whole weekend.

Q. Is there a limit to how many people can attend from 1 Unit? 
A. No way, the more people you have from your Unit the more fun you will have. 
Q. What do I need to do before I attend Regatta?
A. 1. Register online through Regatta website page 2. Upload your ADM 27 (Youth) or ADM 28 (Adult) to Dropbox 3. Work on your Pre-Regatta Challenge (optional)

Q. What do I need to bring to Regatta?
A. Check out the full kit list under resources.

Q. Is Regatta catered?
A. Partly, dinner Saturday night will be a gourmet BBQ which is included in the event ticket price. Sunday morning the Olaves will have bacon and egg rolls available for purchase. You will need to provide all other food and snacks for the weekend. There are public BBQ’s, fridges and wash points available to use throughout the venue. Try to be mindful of the amount of single use packaging you bring. If you can, transfer your food to containers which can be washed and taken home with you.

Q. When is the last day to register for Regatta?
A. The last day to register is Monday 2 March however this event had a capacity of only 250 attendees so do not leave your registration to the last minute!

Q. Is this venue accessible?
A. Yes, the Sydney Lakeside Holiday Park is wheelchair friendly with ramp access to buildings and ambulant toilets and showers. For more specific questions about the venue please email the Events Team.

Q. Will the Guide Shop be at Regatta this year?
A. No, the Guide Shop will not be at Regatta this year and there will not be the opportunity for pre-order pick up at the event. Make sure you purchase and pick up your items for Regatta before the event.


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