A Letter To My Future Self

Age Range: 5–105
Time Required: Varies
Fundamental: Promise & Law, Service, World Guiding, Guiding Traditions; Leadership Development
Reading a letter you’ve written to yourself in the past, makes you appreciate how far you’ve come.  

A Letter to My Future Self showcases the accomplishments, character and spirit of the girls and women of Girl Guides NSW, ACT & NT.  This project is a chance to reflect on your achievements and your personal growth. Share what you’ve loved and learned from your Guiding experience and how you believe Guiding will contribute to your future. A Letter to My Future Self project is open to all Guides and Adult Members 5–105+ who are active financial Members of Girl Guides NSW, ACT & NT. 

Members will enter their letters through an online submission portal.  

There are six categories for entry to the GirlMade Project:  
  1. Pre-junior Guides (5–7)
  2. Junior Guides (7–10)
  3. Guides (10–14)
  4. Senior Guides (14–17)
  5. Olaves (18–30)
  6. Adults 18+ 
Participants are encouraged to ponder the theme; to make it personally and internally meaningful before externally creating and inspiring others through their writing. Members will enter their letters  through an online submission portal.  

100 of our favourite letters will then be created into a book. This book will be presented at a Centenary event and sold to help raise funds to support Girl Guides NSW, ACT & NT to continue Guiding for the next 100 years.  

Materials Needed

  • Something to write with
  • Something to write on


  1. Register through the Girl Guides NSW, ACT & NT website
  2. Think about what Empowering Future Women means or looks like to you
  3. Write
  4. Submit!
  5. Online submissions for completed letters will open 23 May 2020 and close 10 August at 5pm.  

Follow Up Questions and Reflections

Something about evaluation

If You Have Enjoyed This Activity...

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