My Coat of Arms

Age Range: 8 - 12 years
Time Required: 45 minutes
Fundamental: Guiding Traditions

A coat of arms is usually a design on a shield that stands for a family or a school. You can make your own personal coat of arms.

Materials Needed

  • Paper or card
  • Coat of arms template or example
  • Textas or pencils
  • Paints or crayons


  1. First look at some other Coat of Arms - State or Commonwealth Coats of arms or your Schools. Discuss or consider what the symbols & pictures mean.
  2. Draw a shield outline, divide it into 6 spaces and number them.
  3. In the spaces draw pictures to show the following things about yourself.
    1. The most important event in your life so far.
    2. The greatest success in the past year.
    3. The happiest moment in your life.
    4. Something that you are good at.
    5. Something that you would like to be better at.
    6. Three positive words to describe you.

As a Girl Guide, How Can I Lead This Activity?

This could be done as a Patrol Activity for getting to know your Patrol or they could make a Patrol Shield to represent them all.

As a Unit Leader, How Can I Make This Activity Girl Led?

The Leader could share the Shields images and her Unit could try to work out who belongs to which one.

As a Unit, how can we make sure everyone is included?

Girls could work on their shields individually. Girls could be encouraged to discuss what they have drawn and why.

Follow Up Questions and Reflections

What can we do differently next time?
What other activities could you do with your new skills?
How did it make you feel?
What did you like or dislike?
What did you learn?

Activity source and acknowledgements

Taken from 'A kit of Programmes, hints and ideas for Brownie Leaders' by Anne Fyffe circa 1983 and the Junior Sparkit pack


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