Youth Advisory Committee

The Youth Advisory Committee is a chance for girls to shape Guiding now and in the future. 

The Committee is open to girls aged 12-21 who are passionate about making Girl Guides a truly ‘Girl-Led’ organisation. One where girls get to advocate, collaborate and consult on projects and events, and one which listens to youth voices to really make a difference.

Meet the current Youth Advisory Committee Members below and learn their journey as part of the Committee.

Meet the 2022 Youth Advisory Committee


ACT & SE NSW Region
Committee Chair

Hello, my name is Lily and I am a member if the Gungahlin Senior Guides in Canberra. Guiding has given me many wonderful opportunities, with the latest being the YAC. I have loved being a part of this committee and am looking forward to putting forward more ideas to help better our regions and Guiding in NSW, ACT & NT.  


Northern Sydney Region
Deputy Committee Chair

My name is Zara, I am 12 years old and from Northern Sydney. I enjoy sewing, reading, and playing games. I am excited about being on the YAC so I can make Guides an even better place.  


Coastal Valleys
Committee Secretary

Hi, I’m Daisy, I’m a member of the Georgetown Senior Guide Unit in the Costal Valley Region. I have been doing Guides for the past 5 years and have loved every minute of it. I joined the YAC because I wanted to offer my skills to give back and improve this amazing organisation. I’m also very passionate about making a change, getting my voice and other girls voices heard. 

Central West Region
Committee Secretary

I’m a Senior Guide in the Young District in the Central West Region. I really enjoy the outdoors, playing music and being creative. I wanted to join the YAC to help make Guides better for people my age, and encourage more people to join Girl guides because it is really fun!


North West Inland Region

Hello! I’m Alexis or Lexi. I live in Boggabri NSW. I am 13 years old and turn 14 this year. I started doing Girl Guides when I was just 6 years old. I love animals especially cats, I love to draw and do art. I am apart of the YAC because I want to make a difference. I am a big supporter of the LGBTQIA+ community, Black Lives matter, Asian Lives Matter and Human Rights and would love to see Guides do more in this space. I am a feminist.


Greater Rivers Region

Hey there! I’m Brooke and I’m from the Greater Rivers Region. I am super passionate about young people making a direct impact on matters that directly affect them. I am super excited to share my voice as a part of the YAC again this year!


Greater Rivers Region

Hi, I’m Kahlia and I’m from Richmond Senior Guides in Sydney. I’m excited to work with the YAC to make guides a better place, and to help ensure Girl Guides is a Girl Led Organisation. 


ACT & SE NSW Region

My name is Natalie, and I am a senior guide in the ACT. I have been a guide member for the past 11 years and am now a member of the Youth Advisory Committee. I believe that the YAC is a fantastic opportunity for all guides, as it provides us a means to speak up about the things we are passionate about, and create a more comforting and welcoming environment for other guides. Moreover, it allows us to connect and share experiences with guides from all over NSW, ACT and NT, an aspect that I have particularly loved and just one of the many reasons I would recommend the YAC to other youth members.

Sepia Hope

Southern Sydney Rivers Region

What's Involved 

The role of this Committee is to enable meaningful youth participation in governance and decision making processes and provide youth voice on matters that concern girls and young women. This includes providing strategic direction on improving youth outcomes and the youth member experience.


The Committee Members will be appointed for 1 years and appointments are renewable for a maximum 6 consecutive years with the exception of Committee Members appointed to the Committee by cause of their Office.


To be eligible to be appointed to this Committee there are two conditions:
1. Must be a Member of Girl Guides NSW, ACT & NT at time of appointment and for the duration of term
2. Must be aged between 12-21 years of age at time of appointment with the exception of Committee Members appointed to the Committee by cause of their office. 


The Committee shall hold  regular meetings  in  order  to  fulfil  its  objective, duties and responsibilities.
Meetings may be virtual, face to face or a combination, and can be held, as required, at a time and location convenient to Committee Members.
Recommended meeting frequency is quarterly. 

Roles & Responsibilities

Provide youth insight and advise on the strategic direction of Girl Guides NSW, ACT & NT. This will include observations on youth needs/youth issues, emerging trends, policy, strategy development, impact evaluation, education, partnership and collaboration opportunities, and brand management and communication. 
Advocate for and encourage the implementation of youth representation and meaningful youth participation on Committees and working groups, including specifically for events. 
Provide ideas for initiatives which can improve the Member experience including the recruitment and retention of Members, with particular regard to girls and young women. 
Consult on projects and activities run by Girl Guides NSW, ACT & NT, and other stakeholders as appropriate. 
Cause to conduct forums and consultations to engage the broader youth membership in decision making. 
Advise on opportunities to enhance the delivery and relevancy of the AGP, this includes advising on implementation of relevant global initiatives that align with the Mission. 


Reach out to Cassie Talbot, Young Women Lead via [email protected] for any specific questions you have.


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