Hire a Hall

Government COVID-19 restrictions in NSW, ACT & NT are gradually lifting, enabling us to get back into Community Centres / Guide Halls. Restrictions vary from State to State / Territory. To help we have outlined some of the most relevant information to make it easier to understand. Please refer to the Guide Hall and Community Centre Guidelines for Members and Hirers infographic.

Should you have any additional enquiries please contact your Unit Leaders or our Properties Department on 02 8396 5200 or via email to enquire.


For all Booking Enquiries / to hire a Guide Hall please contact bookings@girlguides-nswactnt.org.au

For all Property Enquiries, assistance with the ‘4 Square Metre Rule’, License Agreements (Hall Hirer’s), property management and compliance enquiries please email propertyadmin@girlguides-nswactnt.org.au



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