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If you like doing cool stuff with other girls your own age, Pre-junior Guides is the place for you!

You’ll get to play games, sing, cook something yummy, create fab crafts, and even take part in some awesome outdoor adventures. 

And while you’re having so much fun, you’ll also be earning badges that celebrate and recognise the things you do and achieve as a Girl Guide.

Find new friends, make new besties

As a Pre-junior Guide, you’ll join a group of four to six girls (called a ‘Patrol’) that meets once a week—sometimes even more. With the help of an adult Leader you and the other girls decide what stuff you want to do. 

Because you do things as a team, you get to know each other really well. That’s why girls in the same Patrol often become really close friends.

Plus, in addition to the weekly meetings, you’ll get the chance to do things such as bushwalking, have a barbecue, or attend a big event.

Hey Parents & Carers!
Girl Guides is a unique girls-only environment that provides a safe place to learn and grow.

In a time when girls grow up so quickly, Pre-junior and Junior Guides provides a space where girls can be girls for a little bit longer; where they can enjoy fun, friendship and adventure while doing age-appropriate activities; and where even a five year old can gain confidence by speaking up and being heard.

Your daughter will join a Patrol within your area, which is an intimate group of four to six girls who, with the guidance a trained adult volunteer Leader, discover, decide, plan and participate in a wide range of activities that reflect the girls’ interests.

Giggles, energy and excitement fill every meeting. And because Guiding provides a supportive girls-only environment, personal and social development is often greater amongst Guides than it is for girls participating in mixed gender groups or activities.

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