Grow more confident. Be your true self.

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Being a Guide lets you unleash your curiosity and try new things. It provides you with a safe and private space where you can do things designed by girls, for girls.

You’ll meet new friends (away from those you’ve made at school) and get to know girls from all over New South Wales, the Northern Territory and the ACT, other states and even from overseas.

Most importantly, Guides lets you be yourself. It helps you see the amazing possibilities that lie ahead of you. And it allows you to build your confidence and self-belief so you can be the best you, that you can be.

The best possible non-formal education for girls
For almost 100 years, Girl Guides has provided a unique space for girls in Australia to learn new skills, make new friends, and become more community-minded. And throughout that time, Girl Guides as an organisation has continued to grow and evolve, so that our activities and offerings remain relevant and contemporary, reflecting our ever-changing society.

And while having a good time underscores the Guiding experience, our programs also deliver organisational and leadership skills development; foster team work and community mindedness; and help girls gain confidence in their abilities and understanding of the amazing possibilities life offers.

No matter what inspires your daughter, or what interests her most, Girl Guides will help her develop her potential while also making new friends.

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