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While there’s still nothing nicer than having fun times with other girls, as a Senior Guide you’re now also starting to look to the future. Perhaps you’re thinking about a career, or wanting to prepare yourself to be independent and make your own way in life.

The flexible Senior Guide program is exciting and challenging. Its focus is on you, and you get to plan your own activities based on your interests and your experience.

You can work toward a wide variety of recognised qualifications or awards. Some of them relate to Guiding, while others help you build on your unique skills or the things that are important to you. 

Some of the activities Senior Guides enjoy, include:
  • Exploring career options and learning how to write a great resume
  • Examining issues of body image, health and fitness
  • Taking on a leadership role with younger Girl Guides
  • Planning a camping trip
  • Getting involved in a local community project 
  • Speaking out, educating others, and taking part in a global initiative

Developing leadership skills and a sense of personal responsibility
Many women in leadership positions in Australia today, spent part of their formative years in Girl Guides. Some of them continue to be active members today.

The Girl Guide movement provides your daughter with the opportunity to take part in programs that progress from a focus on fun and friendship at an early age, through to providing an environment that builds leadership skills. Our program for Senior Guides prepares girls for the world that lies ahead of them. It helps them unleash their intelligence and curiosity so that life’s opportunities become more evident and attainable.

Our goal is to help girls develop a greater sense of personal responsibility and to see themselves within the broader context of the world we live in so that they can become confident, self-respecting and engaged community members.

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