O365 and Guiding in NSW, ACT & NT

At Girl Guides NSW, ACT & NT we showed how serious we were about giving our Members & Vollunteers the tools to cope and empower them to continue Guiding activities and connections during the COVID-19 pandemic with the introduction of virtual Guide Halls through Microsoft Teams.

Fast forward two years and Girl Guides NSW, ACT & NT are extending that commitment and giving our Members the tools to thrive!

Not only supporting Guides@Home and alternative delivery of the Australian Guide Program, we’re ensuring that the infrastructure is in place for Guiding to:

  • Have the best chance at succeeding where it needs to,
  • Hold the safety of our Members and children as a priority, and 
  • Provide a user-friendly  positive experience.
To our Volunteers this commitment extends to continuous quality improvement, better and open two-way communication, and a reduction in onerous steps around red tape.  With the benefits of automation and integrated technology solutions, volunteers like you can put more time towards what they love—changing the world one girl at a time.
As an organisation this commitment extends to making the business of Girl Guides smarter, stronger, more secure digitally, and more sustainable ensuring Guiding continues to be a safe place to grow. 

A New Digital Uniform

Wearing a uniform is a Guiding tradition and gives our members a sense of belonging and pride. It helps to bring people together as an inclusive sisterhood and promote Guiding to others.
Our O365 identities are akin to a digital uniform. Forge a new tradition and proudly brandish your Girl Guides digital identity! Show the world you are part of an inclusive sisterhood. 
The Girl Guide 0365 digital uniform includes:
  • Your own [email protected] email address for all Girl Guides business and communication.  
  • Access to shared inboxes that may be needed for your role in Guiding.
  • A reassurance to parents and guardians you’re a part of something big, and official!
  • A consistent appearance with all your Sisters in Guiding from your email address through to the email signature that will be the same across our whole  organization and display important things like our commitment to reconciliation with an acknowledgement of country; a place for pronouns; our mission statement; and links to our link tree for more information.
  • Easy access to the email addresses of other Members, Volunteers and staff. If you know someone’s name, start typing and our address book will start suggesting. 
  • Your own digital key to our digital halls in Teams.
  • The peace of mind of multi factor authentication (MFA)
  • Safe use of word processing, spreadsheet and presentation tools at no cost to you.
  • The ability to collaborate at Unit, District, Region, and State levels without worrying about purchasing licenses or avoiding malware and viruses.
  • Discounted access to a home use program, if you want to download and use O365 apps for home use.
Your O365 identity is to be used for all Girl Guide activities (just like your uniform!). A Girl Guide activity is one that is held in the name of Girl Guiding at local, Region, State, Australian or international level. However, members may use casual communications when chatting with their friends for some activities (just like a camp shirt!), they just won’t be deemed as official communication and won’t meet our responsibilities in the protection of those under our watch or protect your device from danger in the way that your official O365 access and our digitial policies and procedures will.


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