COVIDSafe Hiring

With COVID-19 safe booking enquiries please contact your Unit Leaders or our Properties Department on 02 8396 5200 or via email.
For all Property Enquiries, License Agreements (Hall Hirer’s), property management and compliance enquiries please email [email protected]

Hire a Hall 

Whether you are looking for a space for a one-off event or a location to run your regular classes, there could be a Guide Hall for Hire near you.

Why Hire a Guide Hall?

A lot of small businesses and local community groups choose to Hire a Guide Hall / Community centre through Girl Guides NSW, ACT & NT. 

Many Guide Halls are well known within the local community and can be a fantastic location to run your small business’s regular Pilates, Karate, Dance or Yoga classes just to name a few. In addition to this we have a lot of local arts and crafts and hobby groups that hire many of our Girl Guide Halls. 

Volunteer Property Management Assistance

For Property Management Enquiries including assistance with your COVID-19 Safety Plan, Compliance, Test & Tag, License Agreements for Hall Hires and all other Property Management assistance, please email [email protected] or call Guide House on 1300 447 548.

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