We're Girl Guides, A Place To Grow

We are empowering the women of the future; for they will not only impact their families, communities, and country—they will change the world. 

We’re Girl Guides, A Place To Grow.  

In 2018, we consulted with our community and asked them what made us valuable as an organisation to the lives of young women, their families and communities. 

The overwhelming message was: Girl Guides allows me to be me. I can overcome challenges, make new friends and have adventures. The parents said Girl Guides gives their daughters confidence, resilience and valuable life lessons. Our volunteers said they get back far more than they give, and the friendships they’ve made are lifelong. 

From here our campaign A Place To Grow was born. 

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This is our story….

The world of a young girl is more complex than ever before; school pressures, family life, a digital reality, global perspectives and raised expectations, means navigating their own path can be sometimes tough and confusing. 

What they need more than ever is a community of people they can call their own. A place where they are considered perfect just as they are, a place they can try new things, learn new skills, make life-long friends, and develop a rounded view of the world. 

A place where they can carve their own journey, choose what to learn, be challenged, discover new talents, have adventures, be creative, and most importantly—have fun. 
A place that encourages her to develop a positive self-image, confidence and self-esteem. Somewhere she can spend time with people who can show her how to help the community and look out for a neighbour in need. A place where experience can be shared. A place where her appreciation for the natural world can be sparked and wonder revealed.

There is only one place where a young girl can experience this and more.

Girl Guides.

We have a century of experience in supporting young girls become the women of tomorrow. And whilst the world has changed, the need to support young girls helping them realise their potential - has not. We are empowering the women of the future; for they will not only impact their families, communities, and country—they will change the world.

We’re Girl Guides, A Place To Grow.


Meet Our Ambassadors

The following is a small sample of the extraordinary people involved in Girl Guides. Get to know Dakshata , who thrives on the diversity of young women in Guides; Ella who wrote a letter to our PM regarding the behavior of our politicians during question time; Ashleigh who has developed into a confident patrol leader and Patsy, a Guide Leader who is passionate about the skills gained from Girl Guides. 


Read the Research that Inspired A Place To Grow

932 Active Girl Guides and 461 Past Girl Guides responded to our consultation project in 2018.

762 Adult Members and Volunteers gave their opinions and experiences.

Read the summary presentation here.


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