A Place to Grow Girl Guides Adult Ambassador

Name: Kerrey Williams

District:  Kurrajong

  • In Guides—District Manager of Kurrajong and Greater Rivers Region Team Administration Support
  • Out of Guides—Interior Decorator, own business and Part-time TAFE teacher of Design

How and why did you get invilved in Girl Guides? 

My daughters had been in Guides for three + years. The District Manager of their Unit retired and I was asked to take on the role and I said yes! My brother had been a Cub, Scout and Venturer and somehow, I’d missed out on Girl Guides…this was my chance!
Has the experience of Girl Guides been what you expected?   

More than what I’d expected! When I joined, I had no expectations other than helping out as a District Manager so that my daughters could continue their Guiding journey. They were having so much fun and I could see the benefits of being a Girl Guide for both of them.
What have you gotten out of Girl Guides that has surprised you? 

I’ve met some amazing girls and women. The changes I’ve seen in the girls and women - their self-confidence, strength of character, skills gained; leadership, camping, being able to mix and get on with a variety of people, organisational and resilience.
The opportunity to be a Girl Guide myself and my journey of being a District Manager (6 and a half years), Region International Consultant (7 years), State International and World Guiding Consultant (5 years), Region Manager (5 years), and organising Region and State events.
What are some of your favourite activities in Girl Guides?  

World Thinking Day events are my favourite because they are an opportunity for Girl Guides to connect and think of their guiding sisters around the world and raise money for those less fortunate. This year’s WAGGGS (World Association and Girl Guides and Girl Scouts) World Thinking Day theme was Leadership. Girls reflected on what it means to be a Leader. Girls as young as 7 were able to put into words that being a Leader was to listen, be fair and encourage others to speak and be heard.
I also love our annual general meetings! As a Regional Manager, I attend quite a few of these in the Region. It is great to meet and hear what Leaders and girls do throughout the year.
What have you learned as a result of your involvement in the Girl Guides?

I feel quite passionate about Girl Guides and all it offers. I’ve learned the value of the Promise and Law, and seen girls grow in confidence. Girl Guides has grown my skills, in particular event management and organisational skills.
In five years’, what will you remember most about your time with Girl Guides? 

The people (members).
If we could put you on a stage in front of Australia, what would you like them to know about Girl Guides?
Girl Guides changes lives; teaches skills for life, self-confidence, leadership, how to work in groups and with a variety of people.
What do you feel is the role of Girl Guides in society today? 

To me it’s a safe space that creates a sense of belonging. It offers opportunities that girls may not get in any other group.

Do you have any other comments or anecdotes you’d like to share about your experience with Girl Guides?

Seven years ago, my husband and I visited our eldest son who was living and working in Thailand. I contacted Girl Guides in Thailand and visited Girl Guides in Bangkok and Hua Hin. Below is a photo taken when I visited a school in Hua Hin. I was made to feel very welcome!!

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