Assist in Your Community

If you have enthusiasm for life, a willingness to try new things, and a sense of community, you have all the skills required to be a Unit Leader or Helper. The only other thing you’ll need is the time to commit to supporting the girls in your Guide Unit on a weekly basis.

As a Unit Leader, you could work with girls aged 5–7, 7–10, 10–14 or 14–17. Your role will include:
  • Leading your Unit of girls
  • Helping your Unit decide what activities it wants to do
  • Facilitating those activities
  • Liaising with both parents and the staff in the office of Girl Guides NSW & ACT
  • Attending age-appropriate events with your Unit. These might include a Jamboree, a boating regatta, and our annual Lark in the Park or Great Guide Sleepover and so much more!
But that’s just a small taste of what leading a group of Guides may involve. You can find comprehensive information about the roles of Unit Leader, Assistant Unit Leader and Unit Helper by reading the Girl Guides Australia Guide Lines

We’ll support and train you

Every month, we host one or two Guiding Orientation webinars. They run for about an hour and are the place to start, if you’re thinking about becoming a Guide Leader. Once you decide to get involved, we’ll provide you with Leadership Qualification training (at no cost). Throughout your training, an experienced Guide Leader will support you and act as your learning partner.

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