Way to Go Hiking 2

Way to Go Hiking 2

Lightweight Hiking (12+)

- Beginner hikers who have done Way to Go Hiking 1, 12 years of age and up who want to 
take the next step.
- Adults who need to staff on a hike for their Expeditions Outdoor module. 
- Duke of Edinburgh Award Candidates: This overnight hike is equivalent to a Bronze Practice 
Expedition for the Duke of Edinburgh Award and can be used for the Award providing the 
Preparation Module has been completed (Way to Go Hiking 1 or equivalent). A good 
beginners hike for those who have done Way to Go Hiking 1 or equivalent hiking training. 
- Recreational Hikers among the membership, Youth (12+) and adults who want to try a new 
trail with their Guiding sisters. 

Starlights Trail, Nattai National Park This beautiful overnight hike will be camping on the river flat with no facilities. It will require you to bring all requirements including water (or the means of treating water collected from the river) and it will require bush toileting. For clear directions and excellent track notes, please refer to the Bushwalking NSW information.
Meet at 10:30am on Saturday 27 May in the hike parking lot. Finishing at 2:30pm on Sunday 28th May at the same drop off location.

$10 per person. For those who do not have a National Parks Pass, additional day use charges will apply upon park entry.

Trainer in Charge
Fiona Wright, Fiona.Wright@girlguides-nswactnt.org.au, 0423 977 882. Fiona will be joined by other members of the Way to Go Hiking team.

Kit List
Please try to borrow equipment rather than purchasing it. Remember that this is the beginning of Winter, a perfect time for hiking in NSW but you will need warm gear. You will find out more about suitable equipment for individuals and units to purchase at the training.
Top Tip! Try to make everything you bring serve 2 purposes.

-Back Pack: total weight of the pack, with all your equipment is 1/5 of your body weight (20%).
- Tent to share: one girl/woman carries the tent and pegs, the other the fly and poles. No bigger than a three man tent. This is a lightweight hike so tents any bigger are too heavy. We have plenty of tents available that are the right type and lightweight and we will organise those on the day. However if you have your own lightweight tent  you can bring it. Please don’t purchase a tent especially for this event.
- Sleeping bag, inner sheet:make sure your sleeping bag is suitable for the time of year
- Sleeping mat: lightweight
- Torch: head torch is ideal
- Cooking utensils: small gas stove plus fuel, small billy or lightweight cook set, bowl, utensils, mug (all lightweight)  - we have plenty of stoves and cooksets to share with you on the day – please don’t purchase especially for the event.
- Matches: in a waterproof container 
- Food (1kg /day) 1 breakfast, 2 lunch, 1 dinner, and snacks – girls will only need 1 lunch as they are being picked up at 11. Leaders bring two lunches. Suggestions available after registration.
- Clothing: carry one change of undies, socks and shirt (guide camp shirt). The pants/shorts can be worn for both days. Beanie, warm jumper, small towel, thermals to sleep in. 
- Raincoat or poncho, hat, sunglasses, sunscreen
- First aid kit (small) 
- Camera: don’t bring valuables however if you bring your phone as a camera, place it in waterproof sleeve
- Water bottle: at least 1 litre, more if you require water for cooking dinner. We will fill when we leave Crosslands mid afternoon and can be refilled when we return in the morning
- Toiletries (lightweight) 
- Toileting kit: small trowel, toilet paper, plastic bags for sanitary items and sanitiser in a small bag
- Small groundsheet or stool 
- Garbage bag 
What if I don’t have all the equipment on the kit list? 
Check with your Guide Unit first, they may have equipment you can borrow. If not, please contact the Leader in Charge, Fiona Wright or the Way to Go Coordinator, Kerry Rymer, 0417 689 456. We may be able to lend you certain kit items. 

What do I need to do to prepare? 
If you are doing this for your Duke of Ed, you will need to meet with the Leader to prepare a track plan together as part of your Award requirements. This may occur via Teams or Zoom. 

Others should visit the National Parks website and familiarise yourself with the trail details and make sure all items on your kit list are in good order. 

Loaded packs should be limited to a maximum of 20% (1/5) of your body weight so check your gear to make sure it fits within this weight limit.
27/05/2023 10:30 AM - 28/05/2023 2:30 PM
Nattai National Park (Starlights Trail) Wattle Ridge Road WATTLE RIDGE NSW 2575

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