Trefoil & Adult Sailing

Trefoil & Adult Sailing

This is a two-day course designed to enable the participant to develop their skills in Sailing.

Trefoil 1 & 2 is open to Guide Members aged 10 - 13.
Trefoil 3 & Adult is open to Senior Guides aged 14+, Olaves and Adult Members


18 - 19 November 


RTS Tingira
51 Dorking Rd
Cabarita NSW 2137


Saturday 8:30am - 4pm
Sunday 8:30am - 4pm

Trefoil 1 & 2
This Course Covers:

- Know how to find local water conditions and weather information.
- Basic Safety Rules
- Knowledge of boat parts, rigging and sails
- Capsizing and recovering of the boat
- Sail a course given.

More information can be found in your Look Wide Book

Trefoil 3 & Adult
This Course Covers:

- Risk Assessment
- General Boating Safety ie Entering, Moving about in, loading and leaving, storage and care.
- Explain the rules of boating
- Rescue someone in water
- Knots
- Being able to turn, back and have control of the sails
- Capsize Skills
Please note: Full Trefoil 3 qualification will not be achievable from attending this two day course. Attending this course will go towards your qualification however you will need to complete further training to fully complete the Trefoil 3 qualification.


- All participants are required to be able to swim 50m in deep moving water.

Additional Information:

- Download the KIT LIST HERE
- Two-day weekend, non-residential.
- If you are having trouble registering please refer to How to Register

Registration & Refund Policy Courses: 

You must be a current Member of Girl Guides NSW, ACT & NT in good financial standing to attend. Please make sure your membership is current before registering and have your membership number available to sign up online.


Contact the Member Services Team at [email protected] or call the Girl Guides Office on 02 8396 5200, Mon-Fri 9am-5pm.
18/11/2023 8:30 AM - 19/11/2023 4:00 PM
RTS Tingira 51 Dorking Rd CABARITA NSW 2137

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Unless specified otherwise, you must be a current and active Member of Girl Guides NSW, ACT & NT to attend. Membership must be current before registering. Adult Members, Ongoing Volunteers, and event participants over the age of 18 (or 16 if local jurisdiction requires) must be CSCF compliant  to attend or their ticket to attend will be cancelled and a refund will be issued.
For large in-person events, registrations close 3 weeks prior to event date, unless sold out prior (or unless specified in event information).
There are no name changes or refunds after registration close date.
All refunds must be requested via email. Refunds are not offered after the registration close date.

If an event is cancelled, registrants will be refunded. However, in the event of the cancellation of a fundraising event, ticket price will be refunded minus the amount of the donation included. If a course is cancelled attendees will be offered a transfer to another instance of the same course.


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