COVID Roadmap Summary of Changes 

We are committed to the safety of our Guiding community as we navigate our return to face-to-face Guiding activities.  
The below is a summary of some recent changes made to our COVID roadmap and online FAQs.  
These changes include adjustments and updates in response to the Public Health Orders, government advice and our risk-based approach to managing next steps. Clarifications were also made in response to queries we have received.  
Guidelines are subject to change. We continue to actively monitor the situation and will adjust accordingly.  

Vaccination Status in NSW  

Children do not have to come from a fully vaccinated household to attend Outdoor Guide meetings and activities: 
  • This query is now clarified in our FAQs and aligns with NSW Health advice for outdoor gatherings 

  • It is different to advice given for indoor activities and in the most recent parent email 

  • Important to note unvaccinated members of a child’s household cannot mingle or attend Guide gatherings and need to remain contactless when dropping girls at Girl Guides meeting and activities
  • If a parent needs to, or wants to, mingle or be involved with a Guide meeting  they need to be fully vaccinated and a Leader will need to sight their vaccination certificate on arrival
Adults and youth aged 16+ in Regional NSW can attend outdoor meetings with a single dose vaccination until 1 November 
  • This is a rule on the Service NSW website here, which has been clarified by speaking to Service NSW staff and has been noted in our FAQs since Saturday. 

  • Unit Leaders and Unit Helpers returning to outdoor meetings and activities with girls meet the definition of ‘returning to work’ for these purposes
  • There is no need to record or keep copies of vaccination certificates – must be sighted by Leader when adults are entering the Hall.

NSW Masks  

Masks are no longer required outdoors for vaccinated people 16+ years in NSW 
  • This NSW Health advice came into effect 11 October for outdoor gatherings 

  • If an adult or child chooses to wear a mask, that is okay.  


QR Code Check-ins are not required for outdoor meetings and activities  
  • There is no change to our existing advice
  • In line with NSW Health and ACT Government rules for outdoor gatherings 

  • Units and Districts may choose to continue using QR Code check in for meetings and activities outside their Halls.  Ensure this can be done in a contactless way for unvaccinated family members ie. display QR code poster on fences or walls outside the Hall or in/near the carpark.   

 Adults meeting/planning in Guide Halls 

Fully vaccinated Adult members and Supporters can hold adult-only meetings inside Halls and access Halls for supplies and use the amenities. 
  • All must be fully vaccinated  

  • Check-in via QR codes
  • No children allowed 

  • Masks are required to be worn indoors at all times
  • Includes Trefoil Guild meetings
  • Capacity limits and 4 square meter rules apply (maximum of 20 people in NSW) as well as maintaining social distance 

Hall Hirers 

Districts may hire out halls to non-essential services provided:  
  • Government restrictions observed (double vaccinated, masks indoors, hygiene practices, capacity limits, vaccinated parents attending with a child etc); 

  • QR Codes used for check-in; 

  • COVIDsafe plans in place; and
  • It is the hirer’s responsibility to maintain the safety of its/their client/s 

Girl Guides NSW, ACT & NT has made the decision to not return to Guiding in halls to ensure the safety and security of its Members at this time, however other entities are able to make a different decision if they wish while being compliant with Government restrictions. 
We appreciate your support to ensure Girl Guides NSW, ACT & NT adhere to the current COVID-19 restrictions. Should you have any questions surrounding the current restrictions please direct them to [email protected]  or call Guide House on 1300 447 548. 

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