Guides At Home and Stay at Home Restrictions in NSW and ACT

14 AUGUST 2021
Stay-at-home rules now apply to all of NSW & ACT. Girl Guides NSW, ACT & NT will follow the health advice of and Public Health Orders including, but not limited to, the following effect: 
  1. [email protected] activities where meeting online  may only take place by Microsoft Teams.
  2. Guide Halls and campsites must be closed, hiring not permitted, and activities such as working bees not undertaken, per the Clause 20 of the Public Health (COVID-19 Temporary Movement and Gathering Restrictions) Order 2021 and the Direction of the ACT Government that a person must not, without reasonable excuse, be away from their place of residence. 

  3. Where stay-at-home rules apply, face masks must be worn (unless an exemption applies) per Service NSW
    1. in all indoor areas of non-residential premises (ie. when shopping for essential items) 

    2. at outdoor gatherings including COVID-19 safe outdoor gatherings and controlled outdoor public gatherings 
(when and where permitted)
    3. if you are on public transport 

    4. in a major recreation facility such as a stadium 

    5. if you are working in a hospitality venue 

  4. In NT, where stay-at-home or lockdown orders do not apply, Girl Guides activities may continue provided that: 

    1. appropriate physical distancing requirements are followed 

    2. the relevant COVID-19 Safety Plans (for indoor or outdoor gatherings) have been prepared per the Public Health (COVID-19 Gathering Restrictions) Order (No 2), and is in the possession of the organiser
    3.  QR codes (Service NSW in NSW/CBR App in ACT/Territory Check-in in NT) are mandatory for all indoor and outdoor recreation facilities. Information on setting up a QR code and resources for displaying it at all venues is available here . 

[email protected], Meeting Online and Virtual Girl Guides Activities 

Unit Leaders who are planning virtual online [email protected] activities can get help from their Regions, may find resources in My GuideBook , and look up program ideas by fundamental in the [email protected] pages  of our website. Unit Leaders who want to share their program ideas can do so here

As a responsible child-safe organisation, Girl Guides NSW, ACT & NT have provided Districts and Units with Microsoft accounts to access Microsoft Teams that give Guide Leaders and Managers virtual keys to a virtual hall ensuring we have a safe place for every girl to be enriched by the Girl Guides experience when meeting online. You can find out more about meeting online from our COVIDsafe Guiding pages

Mental Health Awareness and Protection 

The wellbeing and mental health of every member of our Girl Guides community, and every community, is so important. It is natural, and entirely understandable, to feel a wide range of emotions with so much news and overwhelming amounts of information about COVID and lockdowns constantly present.  

Stress, worry, anxiety, boredom, or low mood are all commonplace, and many people are feeling distressed and burnt out.  
Please continue to check in on each other, as you all have been. If you are feeling distressed, confused, burnt out or overwhelmed, please know you are not alone, and there are people you can talk to. 

Sharpen you Awareness skills 

The Mental Health Awareness eGuiding short course is a wonderful way to improve your understanding of Mental Health. Go to  to enrol. 

Bite Back at the Black Dog

Facilitate the Bite Back Challenge in your Units, an online positive psychology program designed to improve the wellbeing of young people aged 10–18, delivered in partnership with The Black Dog Institute. You can access this program in the online resources section of Running Your Unit . 

Talk it out

Speak to your Region Manager, District Manager, or any Sister in Guiding if you feel you are struggling or in need of support. And of course, our staff at Guide House are on hand as well! We’re all in this together! 


Other useful resources include National Mental Health websites like these listed by Beyond Blue , and the Australian Government’s COVID support site.  
We appreciate your support to ensure Girl Guides NSW, ACT & NT adhere to the current COVID-19 restrictions. Should you have any questions surrounding the current restrictions please direct them to [email protected] or call Guide House on 1300 447 548. 

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