Gathered in Guiding

A Harry Potter Camp to remember!

On the second weekend of September 2023, 93 Youth Members and 27 Leaders from Guringai and Muogamarra Regions (part of Northern Sydney Region Girl Guides) gathered at the idyllic Camp Chapman on the NSW Central Coast for a Harry Potter Camp to remember. The location transformed into 'Camp Chapman and the Chamber of Secrets' with secret potions, spells and wizardry ready to be explored and enjoyed. 


Below is a reflection provided by Unit Leader for Berowra Junior Guides, Penny who was part of the Leadership Team for the Camp.



What a fantastic weekend we had celebrating the merging of Guringai-Muogamarra Regions in a Harry Potter themed Camp ~ potions including wiz bang wonder puff sherbet, fire flowers, building ballistas to fight any un-friendly dragons, arrows soaring through the centaurs forest, spells to enchant our witches, teas and bath Salts, affirmation writing with quills, quidditch, dough wands dripping in syrup cooked on fires, an enchanting campfire organised by the senior guides, incredible food that left us full and happy and one of the most beautiful guides owns we have ever heard. It was an action packed weekend!

My highlight was something I never expected...


It was meeting and working with a group of incredible women who reminded me of what I love about Guiding. Our cups are overflowed and we feel recharged. Women with many years experience, some brand new and every thing in between made our team brilliant! Many of us had never met but we came together and worked as a dynamic team. It’s a real treat learning about the many hidden skills these women had… it was truly exceptional. To think the one thing that binds is Guiding.

On behalf of Naomi, Robyn and myself a massive thank you to all who made it happen and contributed!

Happy Guiding ❤️

Some photos from the Camp


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