Happy World Thinking Day 2023

Many Girl Guide Members and volunteers will know what this important day means. But for some, the symbolism of this day might not be as clear. And if you don't know, that's ok! 

Put simply, World Thinking Day is:
  • An International Day of Friendship 
  • The shared birthday of the original Chief Scout, Lord Baden Powell and Chief Girl Guide, Olave Baden Powell. Read more about how Girl Guides was founded here! 
  • The declared day of celebration for the Girl Guide and Girl Scout Movement!
  • An opportunity to be thankful for the thriving Girl Guide community that worldwide, is doing incredible things to advocate and prepare for a better, brighter future 
  • Historically, it's a chance to take action on global issues that affect our local communities, and to fundraise to support the initiatives of millions of Girl Guides around the world! 

This year's theme is Our World: Our Peaceful Future 

I encourage all individuals, whether a Girl Guide Member, volunteer or not, to take this World Thinking Day as an opportunity to: 

  • Connect with the natural world and people in your life 
  • Recognise the importance of natural harmony and the need for balanced ecosystems and collaborative sustainability measures 
  • Explore what we can learn from the natural world in terms of stewardship, peace, and community building 
  • Act in your own life, in the community, and beyond to bring peace through nature; be inquisitive about nature and embrace a peaceful balanced world 


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