International Youth Day 2022

This year, International Youth Day commemorates solidarity. Collaboration and solidarity across all age groups help us to ensure “no one is left behind”, and when it comes to tackling global issues, our solidarity is more important than ever. 
The International Youth Day theme, Intergenerational solidarity: Creating a World for All Ages, is to amplify the message that action is needed across all generations to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (read about them here ) and leave no one behind. The theme this year helps us to raise awareness on certain barriers to intergenerational solidarity, like ageism, which impacts young and old persons, while having detrimental effects on society as a whole. 

What is ageism? 

Ageism is the “stereotypes (how we think), prejudice (how we feel) and discrimination (how we act) directed towards others or oneself, based on age”. Ageism prevents people from reaching their full potential. In the context of the world’s youth, ageism can negatively affect opportunities for employment, political participation, health and justice.  

How can you spread a positive message this IYD? 

Below is a collection of activities you could help facilitate with your Units. 
Educational radio show. Contact popular local/national radio stations to request a slot to have a discussion with distinguished individuals and youth.
Organize a (virtual) public meeting or debate to discuss young people’s contributions to global issues.
Initiate round table discussions among adults and young people to promote intergenerational understanding.
Organize a youth forum to exchange ideas and discuss cultural backgrounds in order to help young people accept others and popularize a culture of non-violence.
Organize a (virtual) concert to promote International Youth Day and the launch of the Year. Invite your local musicians and combine it with a panel discussion or invite a politician or policy maker to hold the keynote speech.
Create an “info point” about youth-related issues in the centre of town/village, at high schools, or at university centres.
Organize an exhibition. Get permission to use a public space for an arts exhibit, which showcases the challenges of young people today or how young people are contributing to development.  Try to involve young people in the domains of culture, arts and music, to raise awareness on youth-related issues.
Write to your Minister of Youth to inform him or her about the challenges young people face in their daily lives and to suggest solutions. A list of Ministers of Youth can be found at .



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