Raising a Cup to Change
Sarah's Endometriosis Mission

Turvey Park Senior Guide & Youth Advisory Committee Member 

Photography: Les Smith

Girl Gudies Youth Member Sarah was diagnosed with endometriosis earlier this year. With little support within reach, and a newly diagnosed condition to navigate, Sarah was determined to make positive change. Now, she is raising funds and awareness with the ultimate goal of making endometriosis support more accessible to all women, everywhere – including her hometown of Wagga Wagga, NSW. 

“Guides has been helping me a lot. They’ve been really great with supporting me through my initiative. I feel Guides gives me a platform to feel confident and supported.” 

And her work doesn’t stop there! Sarah also intends to instigate positive change within her Guiding community. As part of her role in the Youth Advisory Committee – the peak body for girl-led decision making throughout Girl Guiding in NSW, ACT & NT – Sarah has kicked off a Period Awareness Project. From Sarah’s efforts, Guiding Halls could soon be equipped with pads, tampons, and other essential sanitary items which will further support girls to be their best selves. 

When asked if she had any advice for other girls wanting to kickstart their own initiative, Sarah says
“put yourself out there. It doesn’t hurt to give it a go. Also, try and get your team involved! Having support from Guides across the Region has been really helpful for me.”

Show Sarah your Support!

If you would like to support Sarah in her efforts, consider attending her High Tea on Sunday 15 October. All proceeds will go toward Endometriosis Australia. View more details here.

Alternatively, you can also donate directly to her Fundraising cause here.


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