Service NSW QR Code Frequently Asked Questions

16 February 2021

Girl Guides must follow the current COVID-19 Public Health Orders, and manage risks to members, volunteers, Leaders, other hall users and staff and other people in accordance with Work Health and Safety laws.
Keeping up to date with public announcements in your state or territory relating to COVID-19 is also part of a Guide Leader and District or Region Manager's responsibility and one of the best ways to help keep everyone safe.
Please ensure you and your team are aware of the latest changes and legal requirements at all times as you will be responsible for adhering to these updates.

Why do we need to use a QR Code in NSW? 
Use of the Service NSW QR Code became mandatory 1 January 2021 for Businesses. 
The Service NSW QR Code will make customer record keeping easier for us, with all record keeping data going straight to Service NSW. 
Fines apply for Businesses and staff found not to be using a Service NSW QR Code for COVID-19 contact tracing purposes. 

How do I apply for a Service NSW QR Code? 
Simply forward your most recent COVID-19 Safety Plan along with the Guide Hall or Property name to [email protected]  
Guide House will then get you registered and set up with a QR Code. 

I don’t have a QR Code or COVID-19 Safety Plan, where should I start?
In June 2020 it became mandatory for all Business (including Guiding venues) to have a COVID-19 Safety Plan. Click here  to complete a COVID-19 Safety Plan for your Guiding venue. 
Once completed forward a copy of your COVID-19 Safety Plan along with the Guide Hall or Property name to [email protected]  
Guide House will then get you registered and set up with a unique Service NSW QR Code.

There are multiple Guide Halls in my District, do I need to complete a separate COVID-19 Safety Plan for each one? 
A separate COVID-19 Safety Plan and QR Code will be required for each venue. 
Each QR Code is assigned to a physical address and each location/venue will require a separate QR Code. 
Additionally a COVID-19 Safety Plan needs to be specifically tailored to each venue. 

Do we need to use the QR Code for Guide Meetings? 
Yes. Everyone entering the property will need to ensure they Check-in using the QR Code Provided. Including but not limited to Junior Guides, Leaders, parent helpers, cleaners, parents, guardians, hall hirers, maintenance workers, and so on. 

We have returned to Face-to-Face Guiding however do not have a QR Code yet, what should we do?
You need to pause all Face-to-Face guiding occasions until you have a QR Code in place. There are substantial fines that apply for Businesses and staff that do not operate using the Service NSW QR Code in NSW. 
Forward your COVID-19 Safety Plan along with the Guide Hall or Property name to [email protected]  and we will set up a QR Code for you.

What should we do if someone does not have a smart phone to Check-In using the QR Code?
No smartphone, no worries. Simply use the Webform instead. Details on how to access and use the Service NSW Webform are below. 

How do I access a link to our Service NSW Webform?
  1. Scan your QR Code using a device that does not already have the Service NSW App installed. 
  2. Select the pop up that appears at the top of your screen, asking you to open the Website QR Code. 
  • Service NSW Webform Link—Simply copy the URL at the top of the web browser. You can then use this link on another devise to access the Webform without a smart phone. 
  • Check-In via the Service NSW Webform - If you have already completed steps 1 and two, or have clicked on the Link obtained from your URL simply click the red ‘Webform’ button. 
    Next complete the required fields, you will be required to provide a First and Last name and Australian Phone Number. 
    Finally select the red ‘Check in’ button and you are all done. 
    Note: You will need internet to access and Check-in via the Webform Link
We are located in a rural or remote area with no internet reception, what should we do? 
If there is not internet reception at your property you can click here for the COVID-19 Record of Visitors Form. 
  • Please ensure that all field are completed accurately and legibly for everyone that enters the property including but not limited to Guides, parents, helpers, volunteers, Leaders, and so on. 
  • These details must be digitised within 12 hours of being recorded. Simply type them up onto the Form and save it, or if you are comfortable with Excel feel create to create an Excel Spreadsheet. 
We don’t let parents into the Guide Hall, how can we get them to Check-In their Guides?
We recommend having a designated “Drop Off Zone” that all parents, guardians, Guides and Leaders know about. 
Simply Place your QR Code at this Drop Off Zone so that Check-in can be completed by everyone before they enter the Property. 

Can a Guide Leader add a Junior Guide or someone that does not have a smart phone as ‘Dependent’ when they Check-In using the QR Code? 
No. The ‘Add Dependent’ option should only be used by parents or Guardians that live with the person they are adding as a dependent. 
This is to ensure that NSW Health has the most accurate contact details, should they need them for contact tracing purposes. 

If we get parents to Check-In using the QR Code and they select “Add Dependent”, will we be fined if having more people at the hall than we are allowed? 
No. The Service NSW QR is only used to capture accurate contact details of everyone entering the property. This data goes straight to Service NSW and will only be used for COVID-19 contact tracing purposes.

We were told Girls do not need to use the Service NSW App, they only need to sign in using the book, as the parents do not enter the hall, is this true?
No. Everyone entering the property must be checked in via the QR Code. This includes all Girl Guides irrespective of their age. If they do not have a smartphone please ensure they are checked in via the Service NSW Webform or COVID-19 Record of Visitors Form

How do we Check-in Guides that carpool together?
If a parent or guardian is present, please ensure they check-in any Guides that reside with them via the QR Code provided, selecting the ‘Add Dependent’ option. 
For all other Guides, please ensure they are checked in via the Service NSW Webform, or COVID-19 Record of Visitors Form

What if parents refuse to Check-In via the QR Code provided? 
We recommend sending information out to parents explaining that we would appreciate their assistance with Checking-in their Guide via the QR Code. 
If they insist, they do not wish to use the QR Code, please ensure the Guide is checked in using the Service NSW Webform or COVID-19 Record of Visitors Form

Can we include the QR Code in the Term Program for parents to keep at home, enabling them to Check-in remotely? 
No. The QR Codes can only be used onsite at the Property. This is to ensure we provide accurate and correct record keeping data to Service NSW. 
If the QR Code has already been supplied to parents, please ensure they know they are not allowed to Check-In via the QR Code remotely. 

Can someone else check my daughter in if she is not able to check herself in?
No. We ask that all parents please check-in their children to ensure contact details are obtained. In the event a parent is not present, the girls will be asked to Check-in via the Service NSW Webform. 

Our Guide meetings are held in a Council Run venue, Scouts Hall, Church, Community Centre or other alternative venue however we do not have a QR Code. What should we do?
Ask the venue you are in to provide you with a QR Code. 
If unsuccessful simply forward a copy of your COVID-19 Safety Plan along with the Guide Hall or Properties name to [email protected]  
We will then get you registered and set up with a QR Code. 

Can Guide House check to see how many people have checked in using the QR Code? 
No. All data collected via the QR Code goes directly to Service NSW. 

If you were unable to find the answer you were looking for above, please email [email protected] and one of our staff members will assist you. 

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