Sound Sisters! 

Girl Guides are all about empowerment, leadership, and having fun along the way. And now, we're turning up the dial on all things awesome with our very own playlist. Yep, that's right – we're creating the ultimate soundtrack that can be the official hype at all our camps, events, and beyond!

How to Get in on the Action
We want YOUR tunes to be the stars of our playlist! Think about those songs that make you feel unstoppable, pumped, and ready to take on the world. Whether it's a power anthem, a feel-good jam, or a track that just makes you want to dance, we want to hear it!

Click the button below and drop us your favourite tunes. You can suggest as many songs as you’d like – you’re only limited by your imagination! 

You (or your Leader, parent/guardian) can also send song requests via Facebook and Instagram direct message. Be sure to let us know your favourite tunes, and what Unit you’re from! 

Spread the Word
Let's make some noise on socials! Share the love and let everyone know about SoundSisters. Use the hashtag #SoundSisters to spread the word far and wide. Let's show the world what Girl Guides are made of!

Keep those tunes coming, and let's make this playlist the official Girl Guides NSW, ACT & NT anthems!



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