State Trefoil Guild Adviser Appointment

4 June 2024 
Susan Wakefield OAM has been appointed as the new State Trefoil Guild Adviser for Girl Guides NSW, ACT & NT, taking over from Molly Tweedie who completed her 3-year term at the end of April.

Acting State Commissioner Sarah Neill congratulated Moilly for the duties she performed, including the many hours of time spent implementing the new phase of Guiding in Australia’s Child Safe Child Friendly requirements for Adults in Guiding helping to ensure that Girl Guides NSW, ACT & NT is a safe and friendly youth oriented organisation.

Susan draws from a broad skill set as she begins her new role as State Trefoil Guild Adviser. Complimenting extensive Guiding experience, Susan has considerable experience in for purpose youth organisations and from service as a Police Officer through to active Rotarian service, it is with a rich tapestry of experience that Susan hopes to improve communication and engagement for and with Trefoil Guilds and Guild Members, while retaining a future focus supporting Guiding as a sustainable youth organisation and ensuring that Trefoil Guild Members continue to find fun, friends, and adventure in Guiding.

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