Transitioning from Paper Records to the Service NSW QR Code

17 May 2021

Use of the Service NSW QR Code became mandatory in January 2021, as part of the Public Health Order.     

Penalties apply for Businesses that breaching the Public Health Order, with fines ranging from $1,000 to $55,000. (This includes businesses found not to be using the Service NSW QR Code to check in all guests and visitors).    

Businesses (Girl Guides NSW, ACT & NT) can no longer accept or keep handwritten or digital records of visitors.    


To make transitioning to using the Service NSW QR Code as easy as possible, we have created several How To Guides, and a Check-In List, to help you with using the Service NSW QR Code, App, and Webform for record-keeping. These can be located within the COVID-19 section of our website:

COVIDsafe Girl Guides Activities (  


Ensure your Region, District, Unit, and/or Campsite COVID Safe  

It is more important than ever that we ensure everyone Checks-In via the Service NSW QR Code. Either via the Service NSW App or the Service NSW Webform.   

Service NSW QR Code - Ensure a QR Code has been set up for your Guide Meetings and activities    

If your Guide Hall, Guide meeting location does not have a Service NSW QR Code on site, please contact Krystal on 02 8396 5225 to have one created.     

Everyone to ‘Check-In’ - Via the Service NSW QR Code. Follow the How-To Guides to ensure that everyone checks in before ending the venue.    

If you are having difficulty with getting Guides and visitors checked in via these options, please contact Krystal at Guide House for assistance, on 02 8396 5225.     

Old Records - Keep your paper and/or digital records for the required 28-day period, in case Service NSW and NSW Health need to use the previously collected records for contact tracing purposes.     

These records can be destroyed after 28 days have passed.  

Keep Checking in – We would appreciate everyone assisting is to ensure that we are diligent with our COVID record keeping, to ensure Girl Guides does everything it can to ensure the continued safety of our Guiding Community.    

Should your Guide Hall, or Guide meeting location be in a rural/regional area without internet, please Krystal from Guide House for assistance on, 02 8396 5225.    

For all questions, please email us via [email protected] or call Guide House on 02 8396 5200. 


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