Natalie Schmitzer

State Olave Program Committee Chair – and passionate Guide Member!

Natalie Schmitzer is a long-time Guide Member in the North Pacific Coast Region of NSW. She joined Girl Guides in Year 1, inspired by her cousins who were already enjoying Guides, and her Aunty who was one of the Leaders! Since then, she’s never looked back. Now, Nat serves as the Olave Program Committee Chairperson and is filling her cup with Guides as much as she can, as often as she can.

When it started
In Year 1, our parents let us start extra-curricular activities. My cousins were in the Guide Unit and my Aunty was one of the Leaders.

Where it started
I joined Brownies (Junior Guides) in my hometown of Wauchope where I still return for Unit and Region based camps when I can. In fact, next week we are hosting 'Teddy's Adventure Camp', a tradition we have had in our Region, honouring one of our well-loved, adventure-loving leaders. I attended my first Teddy's when I was 10 and I'm still going back for more!

How it's going
I have the incredible opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals in my current role and as a participant of the Olave Program, I get to seek new experiences and tackle challenges head-on. I love going on memorable adventures, with my Guiding sisters, and having a whole tonne of fun.

Olaves are young women (18–29 years) who take opportunities to: make a positive difference in their communities; challenge themselves through new experiences; and develop their skills and knowledge.

There are Olaves all across Australia, filling their cups with fun, friends, adventure and connection. Why not join them?

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