Award Ceremony 2023

It is with great admiration that Girl Guides NSW, ACT & NT announce the 2023 recipients of the Queen's Guide Award, Commonwealth Award, and Olave Challenge.

This past Saturday 2 September, 15 incredibly passionate Girl Guide Members were awarded at Government House Sydney by Her Excellency the Honourable Margaret Beazley AC KC, Governor of New South Wales and Mr Wilson, Joint Patrons of our Association for astounding achievements to self and community. This year’s Award Ceremony marks a century old connection between Government House and Girl Guides, supporting strong futures for women. 

All 15 recipients have displayed great amounts of resilience and determination. Their significant efforts toward bettering themselves, their communities and embodying the true spirit of Girl Guides is remarkably commendable and we are beyond proud of every recipient for their achievements.


The Queen’s Guide Award is the peak achievement award for Youth Members of Girl Guides Australia, providing girls an opportunity for extraordinary personal development and greater self-awareness. The Award is well respected in the community as a significant achievement, and as such it is expected that the Awardees uphold the standing of the Award in all that they think, say and do.




Trisha Chari
Ericka Dean
Phebe Glover
Carmen Groves
Maya Havens
Khushi Jerath
Amelia Mukherjee
Madeleine Newton
Grace Russell
Makayla Steele
Jaimie Thomas
Mieke Van Wel


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Guiding members from all Commonwealth countries can undertake this Award. The Award is an opportunity for Guiding members to challenge themselves to discover more about the Commonwealth through fun and exciting activities. The Commonwealth Award may be started at Guides from the age of 14, and continued until a participant turns 30. There is no set time for completing the Award provided the awardee remains a Guide Member, whether that is as an Olave Member, Leader, or other Adult role. 



Ashleigh Hansen
Elise Morley

The Olave Program is a personal development program for Members of Guiding in Australia aged 18-30. The Program focuses on the three aspects of community, adventure and self-development. The Olave Challenge is completed by undertaking an activity or project in each aspect of the Olave Program Framework and is Peer and Self-assessed.



Ashleigh Hansen
Jessica Twells

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