AGM Recap: Celebrating Success and Embracing Change!

04  MARCH 2024
The Annual General Meeting was held on Saturday 2 March and many Members joined both in person and online.

A Year in Review was delivered, and several Good Service Awards were presented. Congratulations to all. Names of all recipients of Good Service Awards are reflected on the Honour Roll on our website and can be seen in some of the AGM photographs below.

On behalf of the Board, Aine Leonard presented the Constitutional review. The Constitutional Amendments agenda item was deferred to a later General Meeting.

We look forward to soon announcing an Extraordinary General Meeting, likely to be held in May, where the deferred vote for amendments to our Constitution may take place, the financial and annual reports for 2023 will be presented. The current plan is that the meeting will coincide with the State Commissioner Handover ceremony, a role that is presently under recruitment.

The results of the election were declared and Dakshata Sharma, Sue Belling, Prue Carpenter, Luisa Simeonidis (McDiarmid), and Belinda Allen were successful and welcomed to the Board.

The outgoing Directors, Cecily Zu, Irini Agollari, Aine Leonard, Michelle Kothe and Charlotte Weatherall were each thanked.

Award Presentations

Award Presentations

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