A Further Update from Girl Guides NSW, ACT & NT on the Impact of COVID-19 On Girl Guide Activity

16 March 2020
Girl Guides NSW, ACT & NT have today made the precautionary decision to suspend all person-to-person Girl Guides Activity from 9pm Friday, 20 March 2020. This decision will be reviewed on or before 27 April, subject to Government advice.

Extra health and safety requirements are in place for Leaders, helpers, participants and invited guests attending Guide meetings and activities this week, listed in detail further down this article.

During the suspension, Guiding activities will continue to operate through a flexible online Guiding approach. Girl Guides NSW, ACT & NT will be supporting all Region Teams, District Managers and Leaders in the implementation of a flexible digital alternative delivery of Guiding that will be as simple as possible to implement while also being fun and interesting for the girls.

What this means for the Girl Guides community:
  • Flexible online Guiding will allow local Unit meetings to continue without the need for face-to-face Unit meetings
  • From 9pm, Friday 20 March 2020, there will be no face-to-face Unit meetings, sleepovers, indoor/outdoor camps, expeditions, events, courses, Trefoil Guild activities, District AGMs or any other face-to-face Girl Guide activities during this period.
  • The office of Girl Guides NSW, ACT & NT will continue to operate.
  • Meetings at Guide House are to be by appointment only.
  • The Guide Shop will close for face-to-face shopping as of Tuesday 17 March at 5pm. Only online orders will be available from then.
  • There will be no Girl Guides related international travel until further notice.
  • All Girl Guides NSW, ACT & NT Association wide events (state events) have been postponed. 

For Girl Guide Activities held between now and 9pm Friday 20 March 2020:
  • Instigate thorough handwashing activities at the start and end of Guiding activities, and throughout as and when necessary
  • Avoid activities that involve holding hands and close physical contact
  • Wipe over surfaces with disinfectant at the beginning and end of the activity
  • Girls and adults must bring their own drinks in clearly labelled and identifiable water bottles, and snacks, and these must only be for personal use
  • Girls will not be allowed to use the kitchen
  • Do not undertake any food-based activities
  • Have tissues, disinfectant, have cleanser and sanitiser (if available), and disposable gloves available
  • Include strengthened health and safety risk assessments in all activity preparation
  • Anyone with a temperature, cold or cough must not attend Girl Guides activities. Should a person develop symptoms during a Guiding activity their emergency contact/person signing them into the activity will be contacted and they will be asked to leave the activity.
This course of action is to ensure the health and wellbeing of girls and adult members, volunteers, staff and the greater community this week as we experience an increasing rate of contagion across our communities. 

There will be many questions that emerge, especially about upcoming Girl Guides activities such as highly anticipated events and fundraising activities. Girl Guides NSW, ACT & NT’s Board of Directors, State Commissioner and CEO are working together to provide direction for the organisation. 

Girl Guides, NSW, ACT & NT reminds everyone to practice good, regular, safe hand hygiene, to cover coughs, and to stay home if unwell. Stay safe, and please follow Government advice.
Coronavirus Health Information Line
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The situation in regards of cases of Coronavirus is evolving rapidly. Please use the available resources to keep informed of the latest updates:
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