World Centers Virtual Programme

12 February 2021

Calling all travellers… Are you longing to return to overseas adventures and to make international connections? 

Since Australian Guides can’t travel overseas at the moment, the World Centres Virtual Programme offers an international experience to you with a range of engaging sessions. Here’s a sample – Goose Game, Indian Cooking at Sangam, Patron Saints of the UK, Wilkommen to Switzerland, Explore London…. 

When: Registrations are now available for the next 2 months and dates for all 2021 are available in the Virtual Programme Event Calendar .
How Much: Costs are minimal, starting at $5 – and some sessions are even free.  Participating in the World Centres Virtual Programme is an important way for us to support the Centres whilst they are temporarily closed. 

For further information about virtual programmes at Pax Lodge, Our Chalet, Sangam and Kusafiri, check out: 

Our Cabana is also offering virtual programmes such as Mexican Master Chef and Become a Mexican Artist. Information can be located at Our Cabana’s Facebook page , and the registration form is available here


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