National Police Check (NPC) FAQs for Girl Guides NSW, ACT & NT Members and Volunteers

Girl Guides Australia, together with all Australian State Girl Guide Organisations (SGGOs) recognise that the long-standing reputation and effectiveness of Girl Guiding in Australia (GGiA) is dependent on the behaviours and attitudes of the people who make up the Girl Guiding movement in Australia. Ensuring Girl Guides is Child Safe and Child Friendly is of paramount importance.  Coupled with long standing new Adult Member and Volunteer screening policies and practice instills confidence for all Adults in Guiding comply and align with our Child Safety Policies and practice. 

The requirement for National Police Checks for all Adults in Guiding, which ceased in 2016 when Working with Children Checks were introduced, was reintroduced iby Girl Guides Australia as National Policy October 2021. This is an important element in the wider GGA Child Safe Friendly Framework , aligning all SGGO's with the National Principles for Child Safe Organisations, issued by the National Office of Child Safety.


1. Do I need to provide a National Police Check?

As we are a youth organisation and focused on being Child Safe and Child Friendly, it is a Girl Guides Australia requirement that all Adult Members and Ongoing Volunteers (Adults in Guiding) are required to provide a National Police Check (NPC) in addition to your state or territory   Child Safety Check (WWCC-NSW, WWVP- ACT or Ochre Card- NT).


2. I am an Adult Member, Trefoil Guild Member or Ongoing Volunteer but not involved with children or youth – can I apply for a Special Exemption?

Every Adult in Guiding (AiG) needs to complete an NPC. However, there are some special instances where a member or volunteer is not, or is unable, to be involved with children or youth.  For example, a member who is physically unable to attend or participate in youth based events or meetings. 
If you feel you or another member would fall into this category please contact [email protected] to enquire about the process and the particular circumstances or yourself or the member.
Any exemptions need to be approved by the CEO and State Commissioner.  
3. When and how often do I need to provide my National Police Check to Girl Guides? 
New Members & Ongoing Volunteers (from 1 Jan 2022)
If you have not already provided a valid NPC (completed less than 6 months ago) on joining or registering with Girl Guides, you will automatically be sent an email with access to the Fit2Work Girl Guides portal to apply for your NPC.  You are required to complete this application   within 6 weeks of registration. Then, every 5 years after this date you will be sent a request to provide a new NPC. 

Existing Members & Ongoing Volunteers 
You are welcome to provide your NPC now (from 1 Jan 2022).  However, you will be automatically notified via email to provide your NPC when your Child Safety Check (WWCC-NSW, WWVP- ACT or Ochre Card- NT) is due to be renewed.  Then, every five years after this you will be   asked, via email, to provide a new NPC.  

Trefoil Guild Members 
You are welcome provide your NPC now.  However, you will be automatically notified via email from Jan 2023 to provide your NPC at the same time as your Child Safety Check as per Adult Members and Volunteers above. 
4. I already have an NPC digital certificate that was completed less than 6 months ago – can I provide this to Girl Guides now? 
Yes – See ‘How do I provide my National Police Check to Girl Guides?’ section below.      
5. How do I obtain a new National Police Check?
    A. Request access to the Girl Guides NSW, ACT & NT Fit2Work online portal to apply for your NPC. Girl Guides has an organisational portal for Fit2Work background checks with a discounted rate for Members and volunteers of Girl Guides.  To access this portal and the special rate of $18.59 you will require a unique link to be sent to you via email.

    To request access please use this email link and include in your email your Girl Guides member number or Volunteer Number, your full name, date of birth and your contact phone number. 

    Once you receive the email from Fit2Work and have access to the portal, you can then set up your account and complete the online application for your NPC. If you have all your identification documents handy this process takes about 15 minutes. Fit2Work will send you a   confirmation email once the application has been submitted. An additional email with your NPC results and certificate will arrive soon after.

    B. Use any official Australian National Police Check provider website to apply for your NPC You can search for any official NPC provider to obtain your digital NPC certificate if you wish. The cost is typically between $20-$40 per check for volunteers.
6. Who should I contact if I’m having difficulties with my Fit2Work NPC application in the portal?
If you need assistance, Fit2Work have a help service that has step by step videos or you can contact the support service if you need to talk to someone regarding the application by calling 1300 525 525 or emailing [email protected].
7. Can I apply online through the Fit2Work portal for someone else?  
Though not preferred it may be possible, that if there is a valid reason that the member or volunteer is unable to apply on their own, the office team are happy to assess and assist. Please email [email protected] and advise the best time to give you a call. 
8. How do I provide my National Police Check to Girl Guides?
    A. If you have applied for your NPC via the Fit2Work Girl Guides portal, then confirmation of your cleared NPC will be automatically sent to the Girl Guides office. There is nothing further to do until your next one is due.

    B. If you have an NPC (either as an employee or volunteer) that was completed less than 6 months ago, you can send a copy of the digital certificate to [email protected]. Please include the wording ‘NPC Certificate – Your Full Name’ in the subject line. Within 7 days   the office team will verify and add the details of your NPC check to your member or volunteer profile. 
9. I have a general question about NPC who can I ask?
Contact Guide House by emailing [email protected] or call 1300 447 548.

NOTE: Should there be any disclosable outcomes on your NPC report, Girl Guides will contact you in confidence to discuss. Girl Guides NSW, ACT & NT reserves the right to deny or suspend membership or volunteer registration based on child-  related offence outcomes or complaints.

Thank you for helping Girl Guides be Child Safe and Child Friendly.


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