Olave Program Conference

Olave Program Conference is an annual weekend long lightweight camp for Olave Members based around objectives of adventures, community and self-development workshops. 

2020 will see different programming of the annual Olave Program Conference due to the current situation we find ourselves in.  Rather then a lightweight camp, this programming will be a range of sessions tapping into the Olave qualities of adventure, community and self-development in the comfort of your own home. Senior Guides are encouraged and welcomed to attend for some sessions to explore the option and benefits of becoming an Olave Member.

Come on your own, or with your Peer Group, and meet some amazing like-minded Guides, and…Live for the Challenge! 

Information for Participants


27 - 28 June 2020


Saturday 7:30am - 8pm
Sunday 7:30am - 1pm
EST Sydney


Virtual online event 


Senior Guides 14-17 years
Olave Program Members 
Adult Members 18-30 years


$10 - Senior Guides 14-17 years
$25 - Olave & Adult Members 18-30 years

- Senior Guide tickets are for access to the event on Saturday only. 
- Olave and Adult Member tickets are for both Saturday and Sunday.

All attendees will receive:
  • Event badge posted to them after the event.
  • Recordings of sessions after the event.


    (Senior Guides, Olaves & Adults)

    7:30 - 8:30am - Park Run with Lauren Hansen
    Log in to go through a live warm up routine then begin your park run at your own pace.

    8:30am - 9am -  Refresh & Breakfast

    9 - 10am - Opening Ceremony with Nicola Jones & Sally Woodhouse

    10 - 11am - Session 1
  • Olaves 101 - Sally Woodhouse
  • Women in Trades - SALT
  • Community Projects - Joanne Muller

    11 - 11:30am - Break

  • 11:30 - 12:30pm
    - Session 2

  • Negotiation and Conflict Resolution - Joanne Muller
  • Financial Management - Leisa Evans
  • Leadership - Alison Frame
  • Effective Peer Groups - Stephanie Larkin

    12:30 - 1:30pm - Lunch
    Optional to have lunch virtually or have some time to yourself offline.

    1:30 - 2:30pm - Panel discussion with past Olaves 
    With Larissa Saywell, Renee Bianchi, Mary-Ann Gunner, Bronwyn Hughes

    2:30 - 3pm - Break

    3 - 4pm - Outdoor activity 
  • Yoga - Lauren Harrison
  • Cooking Demonstration - Nicola Jones
  • Scavenger Haven - Individually (Click on the link  below and download the app and search for Leap Into Olaves Scavenger Hunt) APPLE  or ANDROID 
  • Podcast Walk - Individually (Check out some podcast ideas and add your own for others to listen to)

    4:15 - 4:45pm - Closing Ceremony Day 1

    4:45 - 5:30pm - Break

    5:30 - 9pm - Evening activities (Olaves Only)
  • Happy Hour
  • Trivia
  • Campfire

    (Olaves & Adults only)

    7:30 - 8:30am - Bedroom Bootcamp with Natalie Schmitzer

    8:30 - 9am - Refresh & Breakfast

    9 - 9:30am - Guides Own

    9:30 - 10am - Break

    10 - 12:30pm - Peer Group Sessions

    12:30 - 1pm - Closing Ceremony 

    Stick around after the closing ceremony to enjoy a virtual lunch together!
  • Session Details

    Olave 101 - Sally Woodhouse

    Uncertain about who Olaves are and what they do? Discover the Olave Program and how the program challenges and empowers young women. NSW, ACT & NT Olave Program Consultant, Sally Woodhouse, will help you understand the ins and outs of the program.

    Women in Trades  - SALT

    Curious about the types of trades and what tradespeople do? Learn from tradeswomen at SALT (Supporting And Linking Tradeswomen) about some of the challenges and opportunities in the industry.

    Community Projects - Joanne Muller

    Have you ever wondered what it takes to get a large scale and impactful community project off the ground? Hear from the #girlguidescarebags project's, Joanne Muller, and get some inspiration for your own projects.

    Negotiation and Conflict Resolution - Joanne Muller

    Do you find yourself in challenging situations and feel like you aren't being heard? Discover tools for negotiation and conflict resolution to prepare for future encounters. Joanne Muller will walk you through some of the techniques she has developed throughout her career.

    Financial Management - Leisa Evans

    Stressed about the unknowns of superannuation? Prepare now for your future and discover the world of superannuation with Senior Accountant, Leisa Evans. Stay informed about your options and the challenges of today.

    Leadership - Alison Frame

     Alison Frame is Group Deputy Secretary, Property and Housing within NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment.
    Wondering how leadership has changed? Learn some of the skills that will prepare you for the ever changing landscape and future challenges ahead with Alison Frame, Group Deputy Secretary, Property and Housing within NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment.

    Effective Peer Groups - TBC

    Part of a Peer Group or Unit and not sure how to sustain an active group? Devise some strategies to keep you and your Peer Group active. Hear from some Olaves who are successfully maintaining connection with their Peer Groups. Construct a plan to prepare for the unknown.

    What you will need


    • Electronic device with camera and microphone inbuilt
    • Yoga mat 
    • Notebook & Pen
    • Active wear


  • Participants are to wear their Guide polo shirt during the online sessions and comfortable bottoms.
  • Appropriate, comfortable active wear for the physical sessions.
  • Service Project & Pre-Event Challenge


    Over the past few years, Olaves within NSW & ACT
    have supported the Uplift Project organisation,
    collecting bras for women in disadvantaged
    communities both within Australia and overseas.

    We encourage all NSW, ACT & NT Olaves to make a
    ‘quilted bra square’. Every square quilted will be
    made into a large quilt (or more than 1 depending on
    the amount submitted). The quilt/quilts will then be
    auctioned off at a Girl Guides NSW, ACT & NT
    event, with all proceeds donated towards an Olave
    supported organisation.

    Download the flyer and get involved in this years Service Project! 

    Service Project Flyer


    Get into the mindset of an Olave and individually or collectively challenge yourself with these pre-event challenges. 

    Download the flyer and challenge yourself to tick off as many pre-event challenges as you can!

    Pre-Event Challenge Flyer  

    Olave Service Project Instructions

    Training Bra Template
    Double D Template
    C Bra Template
    B Bra Template

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. Who can attend Olave Program Conference (OPC)? 
    A. All current Olave Members and Adult Members aged 18 – 30 years are able to attend the Olave Conference. There are also sessions that are open for the Senior Guides to attend.

    Q. What is included in the ticket cost? 
    A. Event badge posted to you after the event, recording of some sessions, live interactive platform to engage effectively.

    Q. Why is the Senior Guide ticket cheaper? 
    A. Senior Guides are invited to attend only the Saturday sessions. Olaves and Adult Members are invited to attend the whole event.

    Q. How can I attend OPC?  
    A. 2020 OPC will be a virtual event that you can attend from wherever you are. Once you are registered, log in instructions will be emailed to you before the event.

    Q. As a Senior Guide, does my Unit Leader need to attend?  
    A. No, you can attend this event individually.  
    Q. What do I need to do before I attend OPC? 
    A. 1. Register online through Girl Guides NSW, ACT & NT website event page  
    2. Complete the Pre-Event Challenge 
    3. Participate in the Service Project 
    4. Prepare your setup: 
    - Choose a private area that is quite with no distractions. 
    - Ensure you have strong internet connection. 
    - Make sure you have an electronic device with a camera and microphone to be able to interact during the conference. 
    - Get comfortable and enjoy the conference! 

    Q. What do I need to bring to the OPC? 
    A. Refer to the above 'What You Will Need' section

    Q. When is the last day to register for OPC? 
    A. Monday 15 June. Don’t miss out! 

    Q. Can Girl Guide Members from other State in Australia and International Girl Guides attend this Conference?
    A. Absolutely, here is the link to register.


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