Girl Guides Australia Brand Guidelines

Released May 2020

Use of the Girl Guides Australia Logo, State Logo, and Trefoil for marketing and fundraising purposes 

We want to maintain the integrity of our brand and for this reason any use of the Girl Guides Australia logo or the Trefoil for marketing or fundraising purposes must be approved by your State Girl Guide Organisation or by Girl Guides Australia, in writing. Approval must be sought in advance of any material being produced or external parties engaged with. 

Steps to Approval

  1. Read the Brand Guidelines
  2. Download Logo/Trefoil
  3. Make sure colour and usage is correct per Guidelines
  4. Send an email, with as much information as you can about the purpose and a design if you have one, for logo usage approval



As part of our visual identity for Guiding in Australia, we use two typefaces in all of our designs for banners, flyers, posters, etc. We also use these typefaces in our Office 365 applications. You will need to install them for Microsoft Word and Powerpoint templates (for example) to work properly on your computers, and to maintain the correct appearance. To install these typefaces, download or access the font files below.

Cunia Font Files

Cunia Bold is available as a free download from or download as a .zip below.
Download Cunia  

Poppins Font Files

Poppins is available as a free download from or download the .zip below.
Download Poppins  


Cunia is our primary typeface, used for headlines. Full of personality, it is a friendly and distinctive typeface.

Primary typeface usage

Cunia is used for headlines only. It is always used in capitals and only used in bold.

When using Cunia, we also use a decreased leading to reduce the line-height. Anywhere between 90 - 110% of the font size is an ideal leading size.

The base structure of the typeface allows it to be used in both a large and small scale, creating hierarchy and balance across all artwork.

We are free to use Cunia in both solid and outline to create a dynamic and flexible visual presence. The outline typeface works best when used on a solid colour to ensure legibility.
Our typography also works well when used inside or across our solid navigational bars.


Poppins is our secondary typeface, used for subheadings and body copy. It is a geometric sans-serif, a perfect complement to the dynamic shapes of Cunia.

Secondary typeface usage

Poppins is used for subheadings and body copy. The balanced weight throughout the letterforms allow for legibility and consistency.

Poppins comes in seven weights. We primarily use light, regular and bold across our communications.

When using Poppins in smaller sizes, or thinner weights, we use a +10 tracking value to increase legibility.


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