What is O365?

O365, or Office 365, is an online-based suite of tools offered by Microsoft to help improve productivity, collaboration, and secure file and document sharing and management across all levels of the organisation.
Because it is cloud-based (online), Girl Guides NSW, ACT & NT Members can access their Girl Guides email account and other Office 365 tools on any device, at any time, from any location simply via a web browser such as Google Chrome and Internet Explorer (Edge). You can even start a spreadsheet, word document or presentation on your mobile from anywhere and continue it from a computer by just logging in! And, because it is cloud-based and a not-for-profit license class, the Girl Guides NSW, ACT & NT O365 account tools like Word, Excel and PowerPoint are only available through an online login, meaning you must use them in a browser window. The good news is that you can use any browser and you don’t have to install a bunch of apps that take up a lot of space on your device. The tools accessible through Office 365 include:  
  • Teams
  • Outlook
  • Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint

Why Change the Way Volunteers use O365?

Girl Guides NSW, ACT & NT began our roll out of O365 access for individual Members to all Adult Members, giving us a secure and central way of communicating with and supporting our members to access Guiding activities and events from anywhere, on any device, safely and consistently, in the ACT & SE NSW Region. This roll-out includes the issuing of a Girl Guides NSW, ACT & NT email address to all Adult Members, as well as free access to a suite of O65 online tools and applications to support the day-to-day business and operations of Girl Guides. This new address will be unique to each individual Member, with existing inboxes still accessible so you will still be able to access emails sent to the older Unit/District or Office Bearer email address introduced in 2020.


Girl Guides Roles that currently have an O365 login and email address

  • Unit Leaders
  • Assistant Unit Leaders
  • Unit Leaders in Training
  • District Managers
  • Assistant District Managers
  • District Managers in Training
  • Region Managers
  • Assistant Region Managers
  • Region Administrators
  • Region Inclusion & Support Consultants
  • Region International & World Guiding Consultants
  • Region Learning & Development Advisors
  • Region Membership Advisors
  • Region Olave Program Liaisons
  • Region Outdoor Activity Consultants
  • Region Program Advisors
  • Region Secretaries
  • Region Treasurers
  • State Commissioner
  • Deputy State Commissioners
  • State Leads
  • Board Directors

How do I access my Girl Guides email account and SharePoint etc.?

At portal.office.com  you can login with the details that we sent you.

What are the advantages of having a Girl Guides first name.last name (FN.LEAVING NOW) email address?

Secure Communication of Guiding information.

The information parents send you and you send to them often contains confidential information such as their registration or ADM forms.  Your new Girl Guides email address will ensure it is stored securely.  And when you leave Guiding, the information will remain with the organisation.

All Leaders receiving Unit information from the unit@guides email address.

Guide House has connected the email addresses that were set up for the Units to each Leader’s named email address.  This means that when parents contact the Unit email address, all Leaders will receive it and can respond so that messages are not missed.

Not cluttering your personal email with Guiding things.

A dedicated Girl Guides email will mean that you don’t have Guiding things filling your personal email box.

Access to a storage space in SharePoint for Unit information/resources that all Leaders can access.  

With the Unit email address comes a Unit Folder for use by all Leaders whose named email addresses are connected to it.  This is a place for you to store records – OUT.01s, ADMs, Incident Reports, Programs, Camp forms, Budgets, Badge records etc.
When using the folder, please create topic folders and inside that, create one for each year so that it is easy to find information.  Some have already been created for you, but you can create your own, using the same convention of topics with year folders inside.

Note: As a Not For Profit, we do not have access to all the capabilities you may be used to.

If I don’t want to have a Girl Guides email address, why do I have to?


For the security of information about the Girls. 

Under the Child Safe Child Friendly (CSCF) policy we are required to maintain records for the long term and in a secure way.  

With the changing environment of information communication and storage, forms are now emailed around rather than being completed on a paper form and handed to the Leader in the Hall for storing in a cupboard.  This means that if you are using a personal email address or even a Unit Gmail address, the information is not stored securely and is not in a place that can be accessed after you leave Guiding.  Your Girl Guides email address will always remain the property of Guiding, so any information can be accessed in the future if necessary.


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