Poppy Wreath

Age Range: 7+ years
Time Required: 20 minutes
Fundamental: Guiding Traditions

Create a Poppy Pin or Wreath as part of an ANZAC Challenge, Scissors Badge or Junior BP award.

Materials Needed

  • big piece of red felt or cardboard
  • small piece of black felt, black cardboard or black buttons
  • cardboard Poppy template
  • circle or card or a wire coat hanger
  • scissors
  • glue
  • textas


  1. Cut out a cardboard poppy template (old cereal box cardboard will work)
  2. Lay the Poppy template on to the red felt starting at the edge, trace the template with a texta. 
  3. Working across the felt fit in as many poppies as possible. Alternatively, you could use red cardboard/paper or White cardboard/paper & colour them in.
  4. Cut out small circles of black felt, card or paper.
  5. Glue the small black circle to the centre of your poppy. Alternatively, you could sew on a black button.
    These poppies could be worn with a pin. Or you could add some to a circle of card to make a door wreath. You could hang this on your front door or leave it at the Cenotaph or give it to a friend.

As a Girl Guide, How Can I Lead This Activity?

If you are a Patrol Leader you could use this as a Patrol activity or do this yourself at home as part of a service project.

As a Unit Leader, How Can I Make This Activity Girl Led?

Offer this activity as part of the ANZAC badge or a school Remembrance Day contribution.

As a Unit, how can we make sure everyone is included?

All Poppies made by the unit could be added together to make one a wreath.

Follow Up Questions and Reflections

What can we do differently next time?
What other activities could you do with your new skills?
How did it make you feel?
What did you like or dislike?
What did you learn?

Activity source and acknowledgements

Contributed by Felina French


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