Promise Jar

Age Range: 7 - 17 years
Time Required: 20 minutes
Fundamental: Promise and Law

What is a Promise? Discuss what it means to keep a promise. What could make it easy or hard to keep a promise?
Create a Promise Jar and a record of all the things you achieved by making and keeping promises.

Materials Needed

  • Two Jars
  • Chocolates or lollies to fill one jar
  • Small notepad or stack of post-its
  • Pen or pencil


  1. Fill one jar with sweets.
  2. Take out as many sweets as you plan to make promises for one week.
  3. On a piece of paper make one promise for each sweet and place the sweets in the second jar. Some good ideas are to make a promise to yourself, a promise to your family and a promise to your Guide Unit. Another idea is to make your promises good turns e.g. I will help mum or dad prepare dinner every night this week!
  4. At the end of the week discuss how many promises you kept. Discuss any challenges you had keeping your promises. How did it make you feel keeping your promises? Will you suggest the whole family use your promise jar?
  5. For every kept promise remove a sweet from the second jar and enjoy eating your reward!
  6. Keep the promise note in the second jar and repeat for next week.

As a Girl Guide, How Can I Lead This Activity?

Use a mind map to lead discussions about what it means to keep a promise.
Share your ideas with your Patrol and Unit.


As a Unit Leader, How Can I Make This Activity Girl Led?

Provide instructions with this activity well in advance of a Unit meeting to allow girls to do their research.
Ask the girls to create a mind map to help them coordinate their ideas.


As a Unit, how can we make sure everyone is included?

Provide younger girls with promises and laws around the world.
Use pebbles or trinkets instead of lollies.

Follow Up Questions and Reflections

What can we do differently next time?
What other activities could you do with your new skills?
How did it make you feel?
What did you like or dislike?
What did you learn?

Activity source and acknowledgements Promise and Law Programming Guide


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