Promise and Law What if?

Age Range: 7 - 14 years
Time Required: 30 minutes
Fundamental: Promise and Law

Drama and performance is a great way to keep you moving and make your brain tick.
Act out a situation where the Promise and Law can be used. Perform skits that demonstrate what happens if you’re not prepared, then again if you were prepared.

Materials Needed

  • A copy of the Promise and Law
  • A space and some props
  • Some willing family members to play 
  • Someone to video your performances (optional)


  1. Read the Promise and Law and remind yourself of Girl Guide values.
  2. Think of a situation where the Promise and Law could be used.
  3. Create two mind maps, one where you are not prepared for the situation and another when you used the Guide Promise and Law.
  4. Share your thoughts with your willing actors in the family.
  5. Perform two skits, one where you were not prepared and the other to show how things could turn out when you are prepared. (Video your skits to share with your Unit)
  6. Discuss what you did with your Unit. What parts of the Promise and Law did you use to help you in the situation. Discuss with your Unit what you think you could have done better.

As a Girl Guide, How Can I Lead This Activity?

Use your skills of persuasion to get your family involved.

As a Unit Leader, How Can I Make This Activity Girl Led?

Allow girls to modify this drama into an idea of their own e.g. charades game.

As a Unit, how can we make sure everyone is included?

Make sure everyone gets a turn to give feedback on each performance.
Help others by sharing skit ideas.

Follow Up Questions and Reflections

What can we do differently next time?
What other activities could you do with your new skills?
How did it make you feel?
What did you like or dislike?
What did you learn?

Activity source and acknowledgements

Adapted from British Columbia Girl Guides Arts to Go


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