Could you be a Director on the Girl Guides NSW, ACT & NT Board?

Nominations close at 5pm on Thursday 14 April 2022

Elected directors of the Board of Girl Guides Association (NSW) trading as Girl Guides NSW, ACT & NT, contribute to the strategic direction, legal and financial accountabilities, and oversight of our organisation. Director positions are pro bono. 
I am pleased to announce nominations for four (4) vacant Board Director positions are now open.  
In 2022 there is the requirement that one Director must be an Adult Member who is less than 30 years of age when she becomes a Director of the Board. 

Who can stand for election? 

A candidate for the position of an Elected Director of the Board must: 
  • be a current financial Adult Member;  
  • have been a Member for a total of not less than three (3) years at the date of her election (this is cumulative with no requirement for Membership to be held for the past 3 years prior to nomination);  
  • not be an employee of Girl Guides NSW, ACT & NT;  
  • be nominated in writing, with her consent, by another Adult Member; and  
  • be eligible to be a candidate under clause 7.9.2 of the Constitution . 

What does the Board do? 

The Board has many roles to perform. These include: 
  • setting the strategic direction for Girl Guides NSW, ACT & NT;  
  • monitoring the business of Guiding and the viability of the organisation;  
  • risk identification, management and oversight;  
  • ensuring the organisation complies with all its legal obligations;  
  • employing and removal of the CEO;  
  • formulating policy;  
  • governing the organisation on behalf of its Members;  
  • networking both inside and outside of Guiding in the interests of our organisation;  
  • engaging with stakeholders; and  
  • making decisions in the best interests of our organisation as a whole.

Why nominate to be a director of Girl Guides Assoication (NSW)? 

Use your skills to add value to the Girl Guides NSW, ACT & NT organisation: 
  • Set the direction of Guides for the future and add your voice to the strategic plan 
  • Benefit your own career and experience by gaining new skills in governance in the not for profit space 
  • Give back to Guiding in NSW, ACT & NT and steer the organisation into the future 

How many vacancies are there? 

This year there are up to four (4) positions available for filling by election. The positions are for a term of three years. 
The Board has reviewed its ongoing combined skills and expertise and has identified a need for Directors with the following priority skills and experience: 
  • Accountancy/financial knowledge.   
  • Fundraising.   
  • Property and Asset management.  
  • Change management.   
  • Marketing and brand promotion.  

However, nominees with other skill sets will also be accepted. Any eligible Member can nominate to stand for election and there are potential development opportunities for young women under 30 years. Pursuant to clause 7.2.2 there is the requirement that one Director must be an Adult Member who is less than 30 years of age when she becomes a Director of the Board, nominated for the 2022 Board Director Election. 

In keeping with modern governance practice, nominees will complete a skills inventory to indicate their skills and experience. There is no expectation a nominee will possess all the skills and experience listed; in practice, most nominees may have only 2–3 strong skills and experience and others may be medium or low. The skills inventory along with your Board nomination will provide good insight to you as a person and the contribution you may make to the Board.   

How do I nominate? 

Complete a nomination form, which includes a photograph, and be nominated in writing, with her consent, by another Adult Member. Nomination forms and supplementary information may be downloaded from the Girl Guides NSW, ACT & NT website by clicking or tapping here. Send the completed nomination form to [email protected].

When do nominations close? 

5pm Thursday 14 April 2022.  

What happens once nominations close? 

After the period for the receipt of nominations closes, all nominations will go through an administrative process to check for completeness and validity. 
  • Electronic Ballot papers will be prepared and distributed to all current financial adult members. The information you provide about yourself, and the information provided by your nominator will also be published. 
  • Returned ballots are stored securely until the voting period closes and are then counted by independent scrutineers. The outcome of the ballot is kept confidential until it is announced at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Please note newly appointed Directors are required to attend a Board Strategy Day on Saturday 28 May. 

This year the AGM will be held on Saturday 21 May 2022, in Sydney and online  via Zoom. 


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