Girl Guides Australia Digital Transformation Project Scoping Working Group

Call for Nominations


Following the GGiA Leadership Day in June 2023, Girl Guides Australia (GGA) has embarked on an exciting journey towards digital transformation. They're now looking for dedicated volunteers to join the Working Group, shaping the future of Guiding through technology.

Why join?

At the heart of our Strategic Plan is to enhance the Guiding experience for both our leaders and youth. By becoming a part of this Working Group, you'll:
  • Contribute to the development of a digital strategy that will revolutionise program delivery
  • Harness the power of technology for non-formal education, creating more engaging and accessible resources
  • Play a vital role in understanding and optimising our digital resources across Girl Guiding in Australia
  • Provide valuable perspective to ensure our digital solutions align with our volunteer community's needs

What skills can you offer?

The Working Group will be responsible for scoping a digital project to provide leader resources (particularly related to program and Unit-based needs) and will likely offer the following skills and interests:
  1. Digital strategy
  2. Using technology for delivery of non-formal education
  3. Understanding of SGGO digital resources
  4. Providing a young women’s perspective to digital solutions in Guiding (particularly with a volunteer lens)

How to nominate

It's easy! If you or someone you know has the passion and expertise in any of the areas mentioned above, we invite you to nominate yourself or them. Simply send nominee names along with an overview of expertise (points 1 – 4) to Michelle at [email protected] by the 29 October 2023.

Join us on this transformative journey and be a guiding light in shaping the future of Girl Guiding in the digital age. Together, we'll empower girls to become leaders of tomorrow through innovation and technology!


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