Help Girl Guides Australia form a Values Framework

24 Jan 2023

Are you passionate about the essence of Guiding? What underlies our Movement and what values make us the community we are? Join the People & Culture Working Group now! 

Girl Guiding is a values-based organisation.  For Members, our values are articulated through the Girl Guide Promise and Law.  However, the Promise and Law do not speak to all stakeholders in Girl Guiding (such as staff, non-Member Volunteers and parents) nor external parties with whom we engage (including consultants and corporate partners). Articulation of our values may assist with strengthening our organisational culture across Australia. It supports engagement and connection amongst our various stakeholders, and it will also support engagement with corporate partners and other positioning and profiling activities, including grant applications, and advocacy efforts! 

Who are we looking for? 

  • Young women member/s;
  • Region Manager level member/s;
  • Unit Leader level member/s
  • Staff members at different levels of responsibility;
  • Governance level member/s or representatives (board level or similar);
  • Learning & Development expertise member/s;
  • Diversity in location.

What work will the Working Group undertake? 

a.         Undertake initial review of what would be included within a values framework, including against those currently developed by other industry bodies;
b.         Review existing statements of values within GGiA including the attributes associated with our brand (set out on page 4 of the Brand Guidelines);
c.         Prepare consultation information for sessions to be run at various levels of Guiding – including the GGA Young Women’s Forum
(or other Young Women’s forums), within SGGOs at grassroots, Chairs Forum, Commissioners Forum and staff;
d.         Work with GGA and SGGOS for consultations to be run in a timely manner;
e.         Collate data from consultation;
f.          Propose a Framework content to GGA Board for endorsement and consultation with SGGOs.

How to apply

If you're interested in becoming a vital part of the People & Culture Working Group, please contact Trish Manten ([email protected]). The deadline for nominations is Friday 3 February 2023. 


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